Why Can’t I Stop Snoring?!

Stop snoring with a sleeppro mouthpiece

Why Can’t I Stop Snoring?!

Across the UK, 15 million people snore. That’s almost 1 in 4 people in Britain.

Some people don’t like Americanisms in British language. But even those people can’t ignore the fact that snoring sucks. Or is it, snoring blows?

Either way, it’s no fun. And if you’re currently affected, or have been in the past, you’ll know that yourself. For some people, it can interrupt their own sleep. Even if YOU can sleep, it’s almost certain that it’s quietly enraging your partner. But worse than both of those, it’s actually bad for your health. In some cases it can even be dangerous.

So what causes it?

With all these millions of people snoring in the UK, there are a whole range of causes to examine. Each case will no doubt have its unique factors.

The basic sound of snoring is a vibration from your airway. The cause is an obstruction created by everything in there relaxing as you sleep.

Men snore louder than women. They are also twice as likely to snore in the first place.


I hear you, I hear you! I know how frustrating it can be. To treat the snoring, you have to know what’s causing the restricted airway. At its core, snoring is difficulty in breathing.

Here are the most common causes of that difficulty:

– Weight: The structures around your neck work to keep your airway clear. Whilst you’re awake, this is easier. As you sleep, they relax. If you’re even a little overweight, you could have excess fatty tissue around them. That makes it harder for them to work whilst you sleep. A collar size over 16.5 is commonly used as a yardstick.

– Age: The highest proportion of snorers are between 50-59. As we get older, our muscle tone generally decreases. This causes problems with maintaining a clear airway.

– Drinking/smoking/medication: Each of these can cause the relaxation of your muscles and so make you snore.

– Sleeping position: Sleeping flat is the most likely to obstruct your airway. Thereby causing you to snore.

– Nasal or sinus problems: Straightforward, this one. If you have a restricted airway before you fall asleep, it’s even more likely you’ll snore.

You’ll notice that 3 of these causes are directly linked to your general health & fitness. A fourth, sleeping position, you can alter. So that only leaves age which none of us can do anything about.

The great news here is that means that are plenty of things you can try to do to fix your snoring.

For some people, an anti-snoring product will be the answer. And for a lot of those people, it could prove life changing. But in a lot of cases, looking at the causes above and making adjustments could bring welcome change. For you AND you partner.

Smoking and/or drinking less will help. General fitness and health will improve your muscle tone, weight and airway strength. And sleeping on your side could well make a difference to a lot of people.

The point is, there are plenty of things you can do. It may take some time to find what works for you. But the investment will be worth it.

Imagine a full, refreshing night’s sleep. You wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. No more arguments with your partner.

Worth striving for, I’m sure you’ll agree