Which of these Anti-Snoring Devices Have You Tried?


So many companies claim to have hit the jackpot when it comes to snoring.

There are a huge variety of remedies out there. Some work. Most don’t. How many have you tried?

Last week, I was in the queue at the local supermarket. You know when you time it completely wrong? Yeah, that was me.Children screaming. People everywhere. Not enough staff. That was the scenario. As I rush around, I tune out everything. The goal is simple. Get out.I make it as far as the checkout queue. It’s long. I keep my eyes and ears open for an alternative. Meanwhile, in front of me is a couple talking in frustrated tones.

It’s hard NOT to overhear. And it’s immediately clear that the gentleman in question is a snorer.”Alright then, I’ll try it!”, he exclaims. As I drive home, I can’t forget the expression on his face. I wondered what he just agreed to try. And what about all the things that hadn’t worked for him.

It starts with sprays, sinus rinses and nasal strips. Then you have the oral hygiene products. The same price bracket reveals “special” pillows. There are even acupuncture rings for your finger. You ever tried those?

Another cheap option is a rubber chinstrap. Two stretchy bands run around your head and chin. They hold your jaw in place whilst you sleep. That reduces the risk of snoring. If you’ve done all of these options, what’s left?

Well if you want to go right to the top, there’s the CPAP. Continuous Positive Airways Pressure. Great name, right? You wear a breathing mask through the night. It’s attached to an electrical pump. And that forces air through your collapsed airway. This prevents the vibration which causes snoring. Heavy duty equipment and must be medically supervised. I got to use one of these once. Not by choice. It was whilst I was in intensive care for 10 days. Won’t ever be choosing one. And can’t ever imagine my wife getting on board.

So what does that leave?

Well there is a category of devices called MAD. Stands for Mandibular Advancement Device. The medical science people love their complicated names. It might not be an easy name to say, but it’s incredibly easy to use.A custom polymer mouthpiece holds the lower jaw and tongue forward. That makes more space to breathe well. And that, in turn, prevents snoring. The figures show they work. As well as being simple and comfortable, they’re medically-approved. Plus, they’re affordable.

Starting at around £40, they’re probably the cheapest, medically-approved solution out there.

Question is, was that what my supermarket friend was off to try? I hope so.

But I guess I’ll never know…