Snoring is now classified as one of the worst sounds in the world

As we are all aware, the likelihood of us snoring as we move past middle age is very likely, and this is primarily due to the muscles in our throats being less firm and toned, almost closing as we sleep and breathe at night – with the resultant vibration through the narrower airway causing snoring to occur – and often very loudly. Evidence of this was found in a recent survey.

To mark the launch of their new range of Hearing Aids, an interesting research survey of 1600 adults aged 50 plus was carried out by Age UK, and this research investigated the sounds that the respondents had most liked and most hated in their own lives.

The main sounds selected in these two distinct groups were as follows.

The two clear choices of Music and Laughter came first and second in the poll for popularity, while right down at the bottom of the league came Arguing, Snoring, and Talking in the Cinema or Theatre.

In connection with the sounds that were liked most, both of the sexes said that they enjoyed the sound of laughter and this ranked highly in both women (55%) and in men (47%). However, within that selection, men and women had some slightly different preferences, with 47% of women really loving the sound of a baby’s ‘giggle’, whilst only 27% of men said they liked it and pointed this out – perhaps to be expected due to maternal instincts.

Other highly popular sounds that were selected were the rustle of leaves, the crackle of a log fire, and the words ‘I love you’, again as may be expected.

The selected sounds that were disliked most again showed scoring similarities between both the male and female adult groups. Arguing was top of the list with an almost even score of 39% by women and 37% by men, and loud music was disliked absolutely equally, with a score of 33% for both the men and the women.

However, there were bigger differences in some of the other noises chosen, particularly Snoring, which ranked very highly with women at 35% and in second place overall. Amongst men though it scored a lower ‘dislike’ figure of 27% – perhaps reflecting the fact that men are the key culprits in this thorny matter, with women suffering the most of all as they have to have to listen to it and suffer the disturbed nights.

Other sounds that were selected as being much disliked and got a clear mention were noisy eating, talking in the cinema, and the intrusion of other people’s mobile phone ringing.


Snoring is number 2 on the worst sounds chart


By John Redfern