NHS Cuts Snoring Surgery

Stop snoring with a sleeppro mouthpiece

As reported by the BBC   and several other news outlets the NHS is to stop or reduce 17 routine procedures deemed to be “ineffective or risky” one of those will be surgery for snoring. We have referred to surgery many times in our articles as it has always been a very contentious subject, for a very small group it is the only option but as a routine procedure the risks and poor outcomes have been recognized as a significant negative, placing snoring surgery on the “cut” list.

So where does that leave those seeking a solution? Or those of us who just want to reduce the snoring or at least have some degree of control over it, as a healthy 50 something male I know I snore, my wife tells me! As director of a company that sells anti snore products that’s embarrassing! I have available all the tools necessary to stop it, I know I can wear a mouthpiece and that will stop it, but my snoring is intermittent and I don’t want to wear one all the time, I know if I’m tired and had a few drinks I’m going to snore, so on those occasions I will reach for the mouthpiece, but how to stop those in-between occasions, when I have not had a drink, I’m not over tired and it just happens? Well I think there may now be a way!

As we know snoring in simple terms is the sound created by turbulent air movement through a restricted airway, in an orchestra that’s the oboe, bassoon, trumpet, flute and any of the other melodic musical instruments one blows into, sadly snoring has yet to be classed as a musical entertainment, unless it’s a YouTube video of granddad snoring in the armchair with his teeth half way down his front after a satisfying Sunday lunch! So how to stop it?

Well its going to happen to all of us at some point, but we can delay or reduce it’s impact. By toning up the muscles and structures of the upper airway we can improve the stability and “rigidity” of the tissues to reduce the amount they vibrate as we breath, the result is a reduction in snoring. In Gym terms is the same as working out to improve the 6 pack, tone and firm to get rid of flabby belly fat. So wouldn’t that be nice, a few simple exercises to help reduce snoring, but who wants to exercise, we all have way too much to be doing, right!

But for a second, what if you could spend a couple of minutes a day doing something that would stop or reduce your snoring and what if its something you already do! Something you do over 2,000 times a day!

Swallowing, yep we do that over 2,000 times a day and we take little notice of how we do it or if we do it correctly. Fact is stranger than fiction sometimes and swallowing is actually something many of us just don’t do correctly and can be a very positive way of tightening and toning the upper airway. There  is an online course offered a respected oral surgeon in the United States offering such training, for only $100 a month! And if you want to go further there are products and services  offered by speech therapists costing in excess $1,200 providing  electronic evaluation of swallowing function and performance. I don’t think any of us want to go that far which is why I was really impressed with a new product that came our way, the Dream Sipper.

At first glance it looks like a straw, which in essence is what it is, but designed in a way as to offer resistance and “exercise” the throat when used in conjunction with a simple swallowing technique which takes a whole 2 minutes and only requires you drink a glass of water once a day. Just like a routine in the gym, over time it will strengthen and tone your throat, improving the tissue stability during sleep and reducing the snoring both in frequency and volume and in many cases stopping it completely. Now its not an instant fix, it takes time but for the very modest investment of £21.45 and a little commitment it can delay the need for more robust solutions, after 3 weeks use I can vouch for the snoring reduction, as can my wife, for that reason we added it to our product portfolio, as one of the leading providers of products to stop snoring we seldom add products we do not have 100% confidence in.

So for those looking for a proactive snore stopping workout for the throat, Dream Sipper is here and for the next 5 days use discount code DREAM for 20% off your purchase, so act now, offer will expire July 5th 2018