Sleeping separately could be better for your health – but snoring is deadly

  A recent shock headline said that sleeping in the same bed as your partner ‘can increase the risk of depression, heart disease and stroke’. Snoring, fighting for Continue reading

Sleep problems vary from one area to another by a significant degree

Appropriately, as degrees are involved, the city that is at the top of the league according to new figures for sleep deprivation is Cambridge. Amazingly Oxford doesn’t feature Continue reading

Home Sleep Tests for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea are so easy to do

If you or your partner have recognised that you have a sleep problem; this could be snoring, waking up choking or gasping, or even waking up in the Continue reading

Women need more sleep than men – but they don’t get it.

According to Britain’s leading expert in Sleep Science women need to have more sleep than men. It may only be twenty minutes per night and that may not Continue reading

Snoring has now been proved to be Step One in the decline of your health

If you are 40 and snoring heavily, you may already have begun the steady decline into a health-threatening middle age. Researchers have charted the downward journey into the Continue reading

Do you know if you just snore heavily or if you suffer from sleep apnoea?

To find out which check the short questionnaire at the end of this article. Many people still treat snoring as a joke or something to be embarrassed about, Continue reading

Do you snore heavily? High blood pressure? Do you suffer from Diabetes? These related conditions are affecting more and more people.

At the start of this year this year it was reported that poor diabetes care was leading to avoidable deaths, record rates of complications, and huge costs to Continue reading

Snoring or sleep apnoea – there’s a whole world of differences involved

It’s not hard to imagine how noise, weather, an unsettled child or a bad day at work could influence how you sleep, but what about the effects of Continue reading

Sleep disorders ruin your skin as well as your health

Human beings spend more than a third of their lives asleep, so it should not really be a surprise that a lack of it can be behind so Continue reading

Women cope with disturbed sleep far better than men

Men and women are constantly compared in all aspects of their lives and abilities whether it’s sporting achievement, salaries, career development or physical skills. The battle of the Continue reading

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