Advice on how to sleep more healthily as you get older

Sleep becomes harder as we get older, with research showing that we are more likely to wake up during the night and earlier in the morning. A report Continue reading

Snoring could be a sign that you need help – but how do you find out?

Snoring can be infuriating if you are on the receiving end. But next time you feel forced to kick your partner out of bed for keeping you up Continue reading

Caring for your mouthpiece is an important part of your dental care

Just like teeth or dentures it’s important to keep your stop snoring mouthpiece clean and germ-free. The season doesn’t matter. Hot, humid summer weather brings uncomfortable nights and Continue reading

Living near a busy road doesn’t just make you snore – it causes dementia

Everyone who considers buying a property near a main road considers the noise problem, but there are worse things to take into count and it has now been Continue reading

It’s time for a big decision – one that could even save your life  

Figures published this week demonstrate clearly that well over 80% of middle-aged adults are putting themselves at serious risk though their unhealthy lifestyle, and millions of people are Continue reading

We all love to eat well at Christmas – but is it good for us?

Of course it is.  It’s one of life’s great pleasures and all that lovely festive food and drink is only for a couple of days after all. However Continue reading

Sleep apnoea treatment may lower hard-to-control blood pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure can have different challenges, but up to 40% suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea, often termed as OSA. There’s now a very Continue reading

Ever find yourself clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth? Stop it.

Clenching teeth in a stressful situation is common, scientists say, but there’s a related medical condition that’s much more severe. Called bruxism, which means “to gnash the teeth”, Continue reading

If you’re sleep-deprived you’re costing your country billions

Sleep-deprived workers are costing the world economy billions every year and those involved also face a much higher risk of an earlier death as a result.  The calculation Continue reading

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