Join our Partners Against Snoring group!

Are one of the many long suffering snoring partners looking to vent their frustrations? SleepPro have set up a group for your convenience, let your feelings known if Continue reading

News From The Edinburgh Science Festival

NHS must wake up to ‘deadly’ sleep apnoea Medical experts reporting today have made statements to The Scotsman and warn that the NHS is not investing enough in Continue reading

Unhealthy Britain – the NHS lags behind Europe

New research suggests the UK is lagging behind progress being made by similar countries on many indicators for ill health. Health data over 20 years was compared with Continue reading

Daylight Savings Time: A problem for our sleeping pattern?

With just one week left until daylight savings time many of us will lose out on an hour of sleep, many people will wake up this Sunday morning Continue reading

WINNING THE BATTLE OF BEDTIME – An important new TV Programme

Is your child sleep-deprived? Do they have problems getting to sleep? Does your toddler wake up often during the night? Is your teen addicted to the screen? Watch Continue reading

‘Sleep Apnoea is a slow killer’ say the world’s leading experts

Friday March 15th 2013 was designated as ‘World Sleep Day’ and to mark the occasion a major world conference was held recently to discuss the many serious sleep Continue reading

Treating Sleep Apnea 

Common treatments for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) include advice on lifestyle changes, the use of an MAD and the use of breathing apparatus while you are asleep. Lifestyle Continue reading

Snoring linked to chronic bronchitis – more so if you smoke as well.

Chronic bronchitis occurs when there is inflammation and obstruction of the air passages and symptoms include a cough that produces phlegm and shortness of breath. People who snore Continue reading

Have trouble drifting off? You may be at risk of heart failure

Norwegian Study reaffirms the link between sleep deprivation and cardiovascular health The study, published in the European Heart Journal, followed more than 50 thousand people over a period Continue reading

A Good Night's Sleep is what Women Want for Mother's Day

If you’re pondering over the perfect gift for your mother coming up to this weekend (Mother’s day is the 10th of March just in case you forget) then Continue reading

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