Most heavy snoring goes untreated – and causes serious health problems Serious cases of sleep apnoea and heavy snoring have been very much the focus of most of Continue reading


The bedroom battleground: Four in ten snorers argue with their partner over the noise while a quarter don’t even share a bed. The latest figures show that around Continue reading

Stop snoring, start sleeping!

‘National Stop Snoring Week’ 22-26 April 2013 If snoring or sleep problems are causing you or your partner sleepless nights, then it’s time to take steps to solve the Continue reading

Do you Snore? In the USA Sleep Apnoea Awareness Day is April 18, 2013. Here at SleepPro – it’s every day.

The American Sleep Apnoea Association lists Sleep Apnoea Awareness day as April 18, 2013 and media across the country are running special programmes to raise awareness of sleep Continue reading

Who is the Worst Snorer in London?

The LBC website article states It was revealed that one in four women and four in 10 men snore, causing break-ups in marriages at record levels, so the Continue reading

Sleep shapes a new Computer Game for Teenagers

Channel 4 Education and Chunk have co-operated to let teens turn their sleep patterns into a game with new app called ‘Zeds’. Channel 4 Education and Chunk have Continue reading

Lack of sleep may disrupt genes

Getting too little sleep can play havoc with our health, say some experts, and the biggest cause of this disruption by far is snoring. Sleeping for fewer than Continue reading

Does snoring keep you awake all night?

Can you identify with the following scenario? Every night the same ritual plays out in the bedroom. She goes to sleep before her husband does, and then she’s Continue reading

Sleep Refreshes by 'Resetting' your brain cells

We all know that sleep is a necessary part of our existence but when people suggest that sleep ‘refreshes’ us, what exactly does this mean? A new study Continue reading

Heavy Snoring & Sleep Apnea

There is a difference between regular, habitual snoring and sleep apnea. Not all snorers will suffer from sleep apena but it can be a symptom, particularly for the Continue reading

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