Heavy snoring is linked to traffic pollution and exhaust fumes

New research now clearly suggests that heavy snoring as well as tiredness could be down to traffic pollution and exhaust fumes. A study has shown that those of us who live close to busy roads, or whose bedrooms are nearer large highways, are much more likely to snore.


The toxic gases and particles released by engines, particularly those that are
powered by diesel, are said to be a main cause of snoring

Added to this the noise from vehicles rattling by is believed to disrupt sleeping patterns, leaving us tired and restless, despite the easy availability of stop snoring treatment devices that are medically approved.

In a study of 12,000 people they discovered that 25% of men snored heavily at least three nights a week, with those exposed to traffic pollution being at the highest risk. A similar proportion of women suffered from daytime sleepiness, and again the likelihood of this happening increased with their exposure to traffic pollution.

For those sleeping in rooms close to busy roads – meaning they were exposed to both airborne pollutants and noise, there was an increased risk of snoring and daytime sleepiness with men more likely to snore and women more prone to sleepiness.

The study, based on data collected in cities across northern Europe, was revealed at this week’s annual meeting in London of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), attended by over 20,000 doctors and researchers.

In the results, Ane Johannessen, the leading epidemiologist at Bergen University in Norway, and her colleagues said: “It is likely that air pollution can cause snoring through airway inflammation… One could speculate whether women who have husbands who snore experience more daytime sleepiness but the key is understanding the impact of pollution.” Professor Stephen Holgate, the ERS’s science council chairman, said living by a busy road has been shown to have an impact on lungs similar to that of smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

He called on all governments, to bring in a “Clean Air Act” to force the automotive industry to minimise vehicle emissions: “Diesel in particular is the No 1 source of toxic air pollutants. Diesel particulates are carcinogenic and highly damaging to human organs.”

Professor Jorgen Vestbo, president of the ERS, said that the UK government should issue guidance on how to reduce exposure to air pollution such as by avoiding walking near main roads. “We cannot stop breathing polluted air but we can limit our exposure. Even walking a metre from the kerb or taking a back street does make a difference,” he said.
Loud snoring and daytime tiredness are often associated with obstructive sleep apnoea – or OSA. Snoring sounds a simple matter but it can be deadly if not treated and the effects on the patient’s health over time are extreme.

Those affected by air and traffic pollution, and in fact all snorers, can easily access high quality, effective stop snoring treatment devices that have been medically approved, and can do so online without needing a prescription. These oral appliances, worn at night, are both effective and comfortable, and are made to fit you your dental profile exactly. Leading medical researchers at the NHS Papworth Hospital in the UK, who are world-famous for their work in heart research and sleep disorders, have carried out totally independent research across this field with conclusive findings..

Their two key recommendations for custom-made oral appliances were:

  • SleepPro Custom should be offered as first line treatment for mild OSA and any form of snoring
  • SleepPro Custom should be offered as an alternative to CPAP for the treatment of moderate OSA including those who were lapsed users

Treatment using a custom mouthpiece such as the one described, will not only prevent this problem, but may even reverse some of the damage that has already happened. Ignoring the problem is extremely dangerous and unfortunately thousands of people do just that and suffer very severe consequences as they age, including diabetes, chronic fatigue and cardiovascular problems. It has also been proved that untreated snoring advances the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by approximately five years.

Use of a simple oral appliance will help to maintain the continued oxygen supply to the brain, something that OSA interrupts, so if you snore you should consider using a stop snoring treatment device immediately.

John Redfern

This month is being called Sleeptember and here’s the reason why.

Sleeptember is an exciting new initiative initiated by The Sleep Council and it will be running throughout September to remind everyone of the health benefits of a good night’s sleep. SleepPro supports this initiative fully.


You’ll see lots of advice from many sources throughout the month. In the same way as getting proper nutrition and exercise matters greatly, sleep fulfils a vital role in keeping us healthy and happy. We need a good night’s sleep to ensure we’re feeling fit, thinking sharply and generally to give us the appetite and enthusiasm to make the most of everyday living. However, poor sleep and fatigue are common, affecting millions worldwide.

Just one bad night’s sleep affects our mood, concentration and alertness while long-term sleep deprivation through snoring or a similar disorder has far more serious consequences: it’s been linked to a number of serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. More people need to be aware that cost effective treatment for snoring is right at their fingertips – and available online.

If you’re a poor sleeper then why not set yourselves the challenge of changing your habits for the whole month of September.

We’ve all heard plenty on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep so why is that when times get busy, sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice in the face of work deadlines and hectic social calendars?

While the myth of the eight-hour sleep no longer holds true – experts recommend between seven and nine hours of sleep a night for adults – your body and mind can’t function properly without sufficient sleep. It’s important that people start to realise that it’s all about the quality of your sleep, rather than the quantity.

Whether the issue is trouble getting to sleep because of anxiety or stress, or a snoring partner waking you up in the night, a sleep overhaul can help transform your sleeping habits – and open you up to the myriad benefits of high-quality sleep, night after night.

Here are some recommendations from a leading sleep physiologist, Joseph Gannon, of The Sleep Disorders Clinic, for his top tips on how to overhaul your sleep and why it’s worth it.

• Stop napping
Trying to catch up on poor sleep this way because research shows that this can lead to seriously increased levels of blood pressure

• Fight the temptation to sleep in
Sleeping in at the weekend doesn’t help us make up for a chronic lack of sleep but just throws us off our rhythms more

• Improve your diet
Don’t snack on the wrong types of food to keep energy levels up. According to the NHS it will make it more likely that you’ll gain weight and have a higher chance of becoming obese

• Solve your snoring problems
Many people are regular snorers, so whether your sleep is disrupted because of your own snoring or you’re living with a snorer, it’s worth examining the issue.

Gannon points out that snoring is also a key symptom of a potentially serious condition called obstructive sleep apnoea, which causes pauses in breath during sleep and needs to be assessed by a specialist. Roughly 5%t of the population suffers from the condition and aren’t aware of it. It’s dangerous when lefty untreated. The immediate thing to do if you snore is to obtain an oral appliance or stop snoring mouthpiece and this will bring you immediate overnight benefits in the form of better sleep and you’ll wake feeling refreshed. It will also boost your mood and may prevent depression as well as improving concentration and productivity levels at work.

Medically recommended cost-effective treatment is available without a Doctor’s prescription and at prices starting as low as £39.99* (USD $55, € 50, AUD $65) for an effective and comfortable stop snoring mouthpiece that you can use while you are sleeping.

As you can see there’s very little to lose and lots to gain by sorting out your snoring problem.

John Redfern

Medically approved products to treat sleep apnea are easy to buy online

More and more of us are being diagnosed with sleep disorders – and those diagnoses can come with very high costs if ignored. One prominent disorder that is becoming particularly common and costly is obstructive sleep apnea, which is often just referred to as OSA. Millions of people worldwide suffer from this condition and the numbers are growing fast.


It’s a condition caused by the obstruction of the upper airway that results in repetitive pauses in breathing during sleep that can lead to daytime sleepiness or fatigue. Sleep apnea also increases health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, depression, weight gain and obesity.

You may not realise that you have sleep apnea but the most prominent symptom is loud snoring, with often your breathing stops because the back of the throat collapses during sleep, blocking the airway. This is then followed by a visible gasp for air as you wake briefly. If you sleep alone you won’t realise it’s happening even if you know that you snore. However not all people who snore have sleep apnoea. It’s not unique to that condition.

If you think that you suffer from OSA it’s critical that you take steps to control it and prevent it developing. With a number of medically approved sleep apnea treatment products now available online, this isn’t hard to do. Many products claim that they have been tried and tested but only some, like those from SleepPro, have published the findings online. The British NHS put SleepPro through extensive testing and recommends them highly, publishing their findings in The Lancet, the leading British Medical Journal.

Their two key recommendations for custom-made oral appliances were:

  • SleepPro Custom should be offered as first line treatment for mild OSA and any form of snoring
  • SleepPro Custom should be offered as an alternative to CPAP for the treatment of moderate OSA

The most prescribed treatment for sleep apnoea in the past has been the nightly use of a CPAP machine which comprises a mask that fits over the nose and mouth that provides constant airflow, keeping the airway open and the sleeper breathing throughout the night. This is now often reserved for the chronic sufferer. Mild to moderate cases are usually recommended to use a custom-made mouthpiece, as CPAP rejection is high. Many of those supplied with this expensive and cumbersome equipment find it either an uncomfortable experience, and even claustrophobic, and consequently use it rarely which defeats the object. It is also not easily portable so not taken on holidays, weekends away, or when people travel on business.

Oral appliances are now the main sleep apnoea treatment products used. This has happened for many reasons including the ease of availability with no prescription required, their cost, simplicity of use, the higher acceptance of the treatment, and also that it is a much more comfortable experience. They are easily portable of course and this can be important for some.
Custom-made sleep apnea treatment products can be expensive from some sources, but they are readily available online at reasonable prices. The SleepPro Custom is a prime example of this and has been widely used for a number of years by many satisfied online buyers all over the world.

If you know that you snore, but aren’t sure if you have obstructive sleep apnoea then SleepPro will soon be able to help you find out easily with a simple, inexpensive home test unit that will give you the defined answer. Wear the watch-like data unit overnight and send it back to us so we can download the data. Our consultant physiologist will analyse this and we’ll contact you with the accurate medical findings, plus advise you of the best action on your part to resolve your problem. It will be a small price to pay for a longer life. The service will be UK based and it starts soon.

As ever, SleepPro strive to lead the way in online treatment products and services for sleep apnoea so watch the website for an announcement of this new service. However if you’re a subscriber to the SleepPro Newsletter we’ll mail you all the details anyway.

John Redfern

Buying anti-snoring devices online could save the USA $100 billion a year

Chronic snoring is certainly a nuisance to those living with sleep apnoea, and perhaps even more so to their partners, and it can also take a huge financial toll. A new report released by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) today puts a figure on what sleep apnea actually costs the U.S. — and the results are staggering.


All this comes against a backcloth of the much easier availability of stop snoring treatment because it’s now so easy to obtain anti-snoring devices online – and with no prescription required.

According to a report just published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and reviewed in depth by CBS, if every patient in the United States who has sleep apnea were diagnosed and treated, it would result in an annual economic saving of just over $100 billion. If those figures were extrapolated to a world total they would multiply to an extraordinary level.

To arrive at their astonishing calculations, the study authors reviewed more than 100 studies on the impact of sleep apnoea, and interviewed experts in the fields of economics, sleep medicine, productivity, mental health, and accidents. They then constructed detailed financial models taking into account treatment fees pulled from public sources.

An estimated 30 million American adults currently suffer from sleep apnea, or about 12 per cent of the U.S. population, the authors say. The worrying thing is that this figure is constantly rising, as it is in other parts of the world.

A simple, but accurate example of this comes from the other side of the world, where Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand is grappling with soaring demand for its Sleep Service as thousands more people struggle with insomnia and sleep apnea.

Driven by obesity, an aging population and tighter health and safety regulations, referrals to the hospital’s Sleep Service increased six-fold in 7 years – figures increasing from 800 in 2008 to 4500 last year.

The side effects of sleep apnoea have costly real-life consequences. According to the study, the annual economic burden of undiagnosed sleep apnea among U.S. adults is approximately $149.6 billion. This includes almost $87 billion in lost productivity, $26 billion in car crashes, and $6.5 billion in workplace accidents.

Untreated obstructive sleep apnea can also contribute to the risk of other serious health problems, including hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. As such, the AASM estimate that undiagnosed sleep apnea leads to $30 billion a year in increased health care and medication costs related to these co-occurring health risks.


Sleep apnea is characterized by repetitive episodes of disrupted breathing from a complete or partial upper airway obstruction during sleep. It results in snoring or gasping or choking during sleep, often many times each night, which can lead to daytime sleepiness and fatigue. If you, or any family member suffer this way, it is vital to look for stop snoring devices online. These fast-acting, medically approved oral appliances will prevent the problem and any progression. As well as helping to reverse any health problems caused previously.

The proof of this comes in the form of further evidence from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

A second report by the AASM based on a survey of 500 patients found that participants reported better sleep, greater productivity, and a 40 per cent decline in work absences after undergoing treatment for sleep apnea. Four out of five people said their sleep apnea treatment was a good investment.

Whether you’re a chronic snorer, or you think you may suffer from sleep apnea, you should obtain an anti-snoring appliance online as soon as you can – you certainly won’t regret it.

John Redfern

Treat yourself by checking out the best snoring products online

The number of people suffering from sleep disorders has gone through the roof – but not the cost of treating them. That has actually been significantly reduced due to the advances made in the development of oral appliances that will treat them simply, but effectively, and makes them available online.

SleepPro stop snoring products the best online


At one time the ‘gold standard’ CPAP treatment would automatically be recommended for anyone suffering from a problem such as sleep apnea, but this is no longer the case, as equally effective methods for many of these patients are now available. Attitudes in the Health Service have also changed, and the many patients that either refused CPAP, or merely constantly failed to use it, are now told that approved oral appliances are an acceptable substitute. This is vastly preferable to non-treatment.

Chronic snoring, and mild to moderate sleep apnea sufferers are now directed by most specialist Sleep Centres, and Hospitals, towards the use of a medically approved stop snoring mouthpiece, particularly as these are now quickly and easily available online from approved sources.

SleepPro products have been thoroughly tested and researched by the NHS in the UK, and lead the way in Britain and other parts of the world as a primary solution to the prevention of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. They are approved and recommended for NHS patients in Britain, and are available directly from the NHS in numerous hospitals. However with online buying being easy and popular due to the growth of mobile phone usage, plus ever-tightening health budgets, the majority of NHS outlets now supply their patients with specially prepared literature that recommends SleepPro as being the best snoring products available online.

There are many stop snoring mouthpieces available via the Internet but few of them have been medically tested over time and most of them not at all. The majority are are simply ‘factory made items’ and as a consequence are available for low prices. Unlike SleepPro products, they are not produced in medical laboratories under strict guidelines, do not have medical approval, and don’t offer follow up support, advice or guidance.

SleepPro products on the other hand are ‘Made in Britain’ and are supplied from their own Dental laboratories where they are produced under the strictest guidelines to ensure they are exactly what is medically required.

Many SleepPro products even come with a 30-day money back guarantee and this shows the degree of confidence the company has in its products.

All the starter appliances offer this customer assurance, and with prices starting low (£39.99, AUD$ 64.99, US$ 44.95) the snorer can have real confidence in these tried and tested products. In fact the success rate is registered as 98% with customers coming back many times over the years. Online support is available is via a unique 24/7 Freephone Hotline service.

Purchasing is in a wide range of currencies is possible and all this has made SleepPro the supplier of the best stop snoring products available online.

Chronic snoring, along with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA, affects many millions of people worldwide and few of them realize its full dangers. As a consequence they leave it untreated for years before taking any steps to prevent it, and by then it’s sometimes too late. Snoring is an illness and needs to be treated quickly – just like anything else.

In a recent statement, Dr. Nathaniel Watson of the University of Washington Medicine Sleep Center and the immediate past president of the AASM, called for more aggressive and comprehensive treatment of sleep apnea.

“Dramatic improvements to individual health and public safety, and significant health care savings, can be achieved through comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of OSA. For a health care system that prioritizes services with lasting value, OSA diagnosis and treatment is a bargain.”

Remember that OSA is now considered a chronic disease throughout the world and its prevalence is rising.

Do you have a partner or family member who snores, gasps for air, or chokes during sleep? If so, they most likely have obstructive sleep apnea and it’s worth getting it checked out. Or maybe it’s even your problem. If so, do something about it now. Find yourself the best Snoring products online by checking out SleepPro, and seeing what they can offer to help you.

John Redfern

Protect your health and stop snoring with an adjustable mouthpiece

Lots of people want to stop snoring but have struggled to find the right mouthpiece to help them to do so because of their problems with the amount of mandibular advancement. They often need to adjust the fit of their mouthpiece over time and constantly need to buy replacements to achieve this, but now they need do that no longer.

stop snoring with sleeppro

You can keep your mouthpiece in a format that’s comfortable to wear and at the same time make sure that it retains its effectiveness. All these things can be achieved with a medically recommended oral appliance that’s available at a highly affordable price. You can still have a precisely adjustable mouthpiece yet retain the comfortable fit.

Today we’re all aware of the many benefits of stopping snoring, including the most dangerous version, obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). It doesn’t just help by restricting weight gain, but also prevents the many associated serious conditions that go with that, including diabetes type 2 and the numerous life-threatening and related cardiovascular problems. The added problem of of daytime fatigue and the dangers when driving or working when tired add to the problem, along with the social pressure at home from your partner, who has also had their sleep badly disturbed.

The SleepPro Contour has been designed to prevent all that and it has been successful for many people over recent years who have desperately wanted to stop snoring, and yet have found it difficult to do so using a more standard oral appliance. This was the problem presented to SleepPro a few years ago, and one that their Dental Technicians successfully solved.

This special mandibular advancement device was developed due to a high volume of requests received from doctors and patients alike. It is medically proven to work, and it is highly cost-effective in comparison with other more expensive, and much more invasive stop snoring treatments.

The SleepPro Contour consists of two sections that will connect together with the straps provided. One is made to contour the upper arch, and one the lower arch. Each is filled with a custom-blended, thermo-formable polymer.

Still using the original ‘boil and bite’ technology as its starting point, the SleepPro Contour allows you to adjust and experiment with the amount of advancement needed to stop your snoring by using interchangeable straps that connect the upper and lower profiles, whilst still ensuring effectiveness, maximum comfort and the closest fit. Using this method enables a more personal fit to be obtained without selecting a mouthpiece like SleepPro Custom which has full customisation.

The interchangeable straps allow precise and incremental advancement of the lower jaw, restoring the tension in the upper airway and preventing the soft pallet from collapsing and obstructing the upper airway. This prevents snoring. If you find your selected tension straps do not stop you, select the next pair down, or if the first setting is too far forward, try the next pair of longer straps. There are seven different sets of straps in total for you to choose from, ensuring the position you need, and these can be changed over time to suit your current requirement.

The Contour can be used not only for primary snoring, but for cases of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea in adults too. It is also fully recommended for use by anyone who is CPAP intolerant, or who also require a mouthpiece for intermittent use, such as when travelling and are unable to use CPAP at that time.

SleepPro Contour is a special design – one produced for special reasons – but it’s suitable for all who snore and wish to stop doing so.


John Redfern.

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Take a look at our introductory offers and discover how you can benefit from the SleepPro Ultra, probably our best mouthpiece yet, giving you the fit and comfort of a dentist fitted device with the price of an off the shelf mouthpiece.




How to manage snoring and sleep apnea without CPAP, drugs or surgery

Stop snoring mouthpiece from Sleeppro

The answer is to use a Stop Snoring mouthpiece, and though some may not like to admit it, just about everyone will snore on occasions, and millions of us snore on a regular basis and may not even realize it if we sleep alone. If you are a frequent snorer, it doesn’t only affect the quantity of your sleep – it can also have a negative impact on the quality.

More concerning, however, is there are many who don’t just snore, but who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and they are placing strain on their heart, leading to a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. While associated with one another, snoring does not mean that an individual has sleep apnea and sleep apnea does not always result in snoring. Normal snoring will not interfere with the quality of your sleep like sleep apnea does.

Figures now say that one-fifth of adults have nightly sleep apnea to a greater or lesser degree, which causes repeated stoppages in breathing and a resultant lack of oxygen that affects the brain, heart and rest of the body. These breathing interferences cause the brain to panic and disrupt the deep sleep we need for good health.

Airway problems caused by sleep apnea frequently cause loud snoring and gasping for air. Many people have insomnia, poor sleep and daytime tiredness as a result of unrecognized sleep apnea and it is known to result in serious health issues – particularly diabetic and cardiovascular problems.

Snorers who do not have OSA may feel a sense of relief, but this does not mean that you should leave your snoring untreated. Snoring doesn’t only affect the quality of your own sleep and health – it can also affect the quality of your partner’s sleep and health. It has been known to place a significant strain on relationships, particularly if the snoring partner makes little or no effort to solve it, as is often the case.

When most snorers think of a snoring solution, they still think of the historic CPAP route. Consisting of a mask, tubes and a machine, the thought of wearing CPAP equipment is daunting to many snorers, particularly those who do not have sleep apnea and who are not suffering from any negative effects that often come with snoring. The majority of sleep apnea patients refuse to wear CPAP or rip off the mask while asleep. Studies show that half of all people prescribed CPAP quit within a few months.

Fortunately snorers now have the option of managing their snoring through an easy to use “stop snoring” mouthpiece, called an MAD or mandibular advancement device. It’s very like a sports mouth guard, and once inserted into a user’s mouth, the MAD is designed to hold the user’s lower jaw in a slightly advanced position. This causes the muscles and the tissues in the upper airway to stay open by remaining taut and unobstructed.

This alternative to CPAP is gaining popularity and is sometimes called oral appliance therapy. Oral appliances prevent the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat from collapsing. By supporting the jaw in a forward position, the airway stays open during sleep. The NHS in the UK and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine now include oral appliances as a first-line treatment for both snoring, and for treating mild to moderate sleep apnoea. They also state that oral appliances are acceptable for patients who cannot use CPAP or would prefer an oral appliance to using CPAP.

There are a wide range of SleepPro oral appliances available to suit your individual needs, and these range from starter appliances such as Easifit. Sleep Tight or Woman, to the more adjustable Contour appliance. These ‘one size fits all’ SleepPro appliances benefit from a unique method of moulding that adjusts them to fit your mouth comfortably.

Oral appliances that are made specifically to fit your own dental profile, such as the SleepPro Custom, are also available and are NHS approved – not just for effectiveness and ease of use, but also for affordability as others can charge a small fortune for the same thing. It’s also important to look after your oral appliance so as to achieve permanently good results and keep it well-fitting and well maintained.

Treating your snoring or sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy can help you feel like a new person. You will find that your symptoms, and your quality of life, can improve dramatically when you remain committed to your treatment and use it nightly. It is likely that you will sleep better, have more energy and feel sharper throughout the day. You may find that your bed partner gets better sleep, too. After all, don’t forget that your sleep breathing problems affect them also.

John Redfern

Dentists report a 30% increase in Bruxism in the last five years.

Bruxism, or grinding and severely clenching your teeth, is widely thought of as a sleep-related disorder and it is growing rapidly as a problem. Many bruxers who clench or grind their teeth during the night have other types of sleep disorder, such as snoring and pauses in breathing that may be sleep apnoea or closely related to it.

sore jaw from night clenching

While most of us are dreaming away peacefully, about one in 10 adults gnash their teeth and aggressively clench their jaw muscles during sleep. Generally, 4 out of 5 people that have bruxism are unaware that have it.

However it’s not only adults who grind their teeth; more than a third of parents report the symptoms of bruxism in their children. Bruxers differ from other healthy individuals as they can tend to suffer more from depression and stress. Children who suffer from bruxism tend to be more anxious than non-bruxers. In the case of adults, it has been found that grinding is made worse by various factors such as snoring, drugs, alcohol, stress, caffeine, smoking or other chemical imbalances in the body.

This unintentional gym workout of the facial muscles can leave a trail of pain and utter destruction. Teeth can end up worn done to the gum, even with abscesses festering around the tooth roots as a result. There’s often a slow deterioration of the smile appearing, due to the ever-shortening teeth, with an accompanying enlargement of the cheek muscles, giving an overly square facial appearance.

Annoyingly for a bruxer or teeth grinder, trips to the dentist seem never ending, with teeth breaking, jaw joint pain and fillings coming out. Severe morning headaches from the stress and effort are another consequence of this involuntary happening.

It has been found that heavy snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea, both of which restrict the amount of air going into the body, can also set off bruxism. Treating sleep apnoea is also known to help to reduce tooth grinding.

Doctors still don’t completely understand the causes, but intense emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger, frustration or tension may be at the root of the problem. The more stressed you are, the more likely you are to start bruxing. Nervous tension, anger and frustration can cause people to start showing the signs of bruxism without even knowing it.

Commonly, the response to bruxism is to simply treat the symptom by offering a mouth guard to wear during sleep.

A mouth guard is typically the first step a dentist will recommend toward preventing or correcting damage to the teeth, as it keeps the teeth separated to soften the impact of any clenching or grinding.

The mouth guard has two roles. It does its job by protecting the teeth, but also, and perhaps more importantly, it serves as a useful self-care gauge. The deeper the notches in the mouth guard, the more attention one needs to pay to emotional well being, stress and/or anger management.

These inexpensive specialist custom-made appliances are easily available and can now be supplied direct to your home without any dental visits. They are usually made to fit the upper teeth, but by request can also be made to fit the lower set as an alternative. It will be made to fit your dental profile exactly and when it is worn at night it will prevent the many problems of bruxism where you subconsciously grind your teeth and clench your jaw.

SleepPro offer three separate options in the Night Guard product range to help you with the problem – a lighter gauge of material for light clenching or grinding, a heavier gauge for more severe requirements, and a heavier gauge still that has a soft interior filling.

It’s easy to fit a SleepPro Night Guard – there are no real complications. Simply follow the simple instructions that are given in the leaflet that accompanies the product, make an impression of your teeth, and return it in the postage-paid package provided, directly to their dental laboratory.

A SleepPro dental technician will assess the impression and if all is well, you will receive your perfectly fitting Night Guard in only a week’s time with an accompanying Storage Case to keep it safe and clean. Headache over !!

A full 24/7 advice line is available on 0800 808 5372 and purchases can also be made that way, or alternatively from the Night Guard page online.


Snoring is contributing greatly to a massive increase in World Obesity

World media is focused at the moment on the benefits of adequate amounts of undisturbed sleep, and the health problems this creates. The research, led by scientists from Imperial College London and published in The Lancet, compared body mass index (BMI) among almost 20 million adult men and women from 1975 to 2014.

It found obesity in men has tripled and more than doubled in women.


The world’s newspapers, plus the leading TV stations and Internet News Channels, have all headlined with the story this week that obesity is quite literally a massive growing world problem.

No country is excluded from this. The study, which pooled data from adults in 186 countries, found that the number of obese people worldwide had risen from 105 million in 1975 to 641 million in 2014. This equates to 266 million obese men and 375 million obese women in the world at the end of 2014.

It’s a vicious, ever turning circle. Health research has shown that disturbed nights due to either snoring or sleep apnoea causes late night snacking and as a consequence weight gain – and as a result the increased weight also narrows the throat to cause even worse levels of snoring.

The research also found:

  • More obese men and women now live in China and the USA than in any other country
  • Almost a fifth of the world’s obese adults – 118 million – live in only six high-income English-speaking countries – Australia, Canada, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and the US
  • Women in the UK have the third highest BMI in Europe and the 10th highest for men
  • By 2025, the UK is projected to have the highest levels of obese women in Europe (38%), followed by Republic of Ireland (37%) and Malta (34%)

Other statistics from the study include:

  • China has the largest number of obese people in the world with 43.2 million men and 46.4 million women
  • The US has 41.7 million obese men and 46.1 million obese women

In comparison in the UK the study found 6.8 million obese men in 2014, and 7.7 million obese women.

The average adult in the United Kingdom sleeps for 6.8 hours a night, which is below the 7.7 hours people feel they need according to the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), and the figures according to other sources are almost identical for the North America, Australia, and Europe

This lower sleep level doesn’t sound much but it amounts to losing an entire night’s sleep over the course of a week.

The RSPH, which represents around 6,000 public health specialists, said poor sleep has been undeniably linked to a range of conditions including:

  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • heart attack
  • depression

It has called on the Government to introduce national sleep guidance and both instigate and support policies that reduce and control sleep disorders.

“We do need to wake up to the benefits of sleep – there is a wealth of evidence that lack of sleep is damaging the public’s health,” said Shirley Cramer chief executive of RSPH.

She added: “Efforts to combat this shortfall could be as critical to optimising our health and wellbeing as maintaining an active lifestyle or having a healthy diet.”

Yet again this is conclusive evidence that snoring, sleep apnoea, and other sleep disorders damage your health. You need to do something about it yourself if the Government won’t act on your behalf.

John Redfern