The Sound of Snoring

I’m sorry to say that the answer is no…it’s not a new West End Musical. It’s that age-old problem of excessively loud snoring and the knock-on effects.

What do you do if you find yourself sharing a bed or even just a room with someone who snores? Or are you the one with the problem? This could be your regular adult home relationship, a trip away with friends or family, a business trip, or even, in the case of youngsters, shared accommodation through further education or simply a school trip. There are no upper or lower age barriers to making loud snoring sounds that disturb the others.

A study showed that partners of millions of snorers are kept awake for two hours each night, which equates to two years’ lost sleep over the course of an average marriage. If you have to deal with someone’s snoring every night, encourage him or her at least to take some steps to stop or reduce it.

Snoring sound levels can hit such a pitch that no one else in the house sleeps well. If that happens night after night, tempers can fray, and it will have a serious effect on your day – affecting everything that you do. We all know it’s the cause of thousands of failed marriages, ranking third on the list after only ‘playing away’ and financial stresses. It’s a serious area.

Our regular site contributors have often written to tell us of the panic station situations that they experienced before sleepPro brought bliss back to their various relationships.

They had tried everything to no avail and here are a few of the more imaginative, if unsuccessful, examples of what they tried.

  • Roll them onto their side – without them falling out of bed
  • Fast a hard object up the pack of their pyjama jacket to stop them lying on their back at any time
  • Create some home-made earplugs from the foamy type of material that is used in cigarette tips
  • Listen to music with the earphones from your-Pod or similar
  • Place a fan next to the bed but don’t catch cold or get a stiff neck
  • Build a tent over them to help soundproof the loud snoring sounds

The list of more drastic measures included moving to a different room, asking your partner to enroll for Sleep Therapy, or both of you attending Marriage Counselling Classes. Finally, dangerously, taking an excess of Non-prescription drugs.

The situation can be pretty serious on the whole as you can imagine but nothing to actually stop you snoring for long, if at all.

The only real solution to the sound of loud snoring is to follow good medical advice and attack the cause and not the symptom. A sleepPro mouthpiece will help you to do this and be assured because the National Health Service and Doctors and Dentists recommend them everywhere.

Nevertheless always make sure to raise your snoring problems with your doctor. Keep him informed.

By John Redfern

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