The Snoring Chinstrap

The Snoring chinstrap is so often reminiscent of dressing for a game of Rugby and although I’ve not done that for a while I remember it well. I was a Front Row Forward in those days – being amply built – and there were some giant guys around me. We wore them of course for different reasons – but I guess a similar basic principle. They kept our jaws locked very tight and made sure we retained most of our ears for the end of the game – a bit like the modern snorer in the family bedroom.

I know that for snorers, and their partners, that the bedroom can easily turn into a mighty contest of willpower, friction and dispute, and sometimes even a war zone, but surely this is a bridge too far. The look of a Chinstrap will end any possible prospect of passion I’m sure. There’s one thing guaranteed and that is it won’t make you look like George Clooney – or anyone else half as attractive to our dear partners.

But will it stop you snoring? Will it stop you getting your ears ripped off by your partner?

Let’s face it. It is really annoying when your spouse starts snoring and wakes you up in the middle of the night. When your spouse snores, you try simply everything just to stop it – like closing his or her mouth, or pinching his or her nose. Unfortunately, these do not work or if they do work, it is only for a very short time. I honestly believe it’s the same with the chinstrap – very short and very sweet – and it most certainly does nothing for your kerb appeal.

Snoring is a medical problem – and there are NHS recommended solutions for all to try. The solutions are based on keeping the airway in the throat clear so that there’s less chance of having to force the air through a narrow gap and so cause the vibration that results in what we know as snoring.

So what confuses me most is why anyone should therefore use something that clamps the jaw shut tight, and must surely restrict the passage of air. It seems a little like putting the plug in the sink with the tap turned on – and leaving it on – very soon we’ll have an overflow and a bigger problem.

Of course in the Urban Dictionary the word chinstrap is often recorded and is the name for a strip of facial hair or thin beard that runs from ear to ear – around the chin- just like the same on a soldier’s ceremonial headwear. A certain similarity of appearance, without a doubt, exists.

So reviews for this device have found to be disappointing overall – with maybe a short term benefit – but what a ‘passion killer’ it is. Methinks the ladies may prefer the snoring – when banished to another room anyway.

Nevertheless always make sure to raise your snoring problems with your doctor. Keep him informed and either he or your dentist will point you in the right direction for medically approved solutions such as CPAP, surgery or a mouthpiece designed for your jaw. Mouthpiece – more Rugby artefacts you say – but hidden from view and gone – just like the snoring. Some top results may then return for your family teamwork – including blissful sleep, sound rest, and friction-free relationships.

Take A Look at this YouTube video for more info!

By John Redfern