Stop Snoring – Naturally

A friend asked me the other day how to stop snoring “naturally” without any help from mouthguards or other items that a GP or Dentist might recommend them to use. My immediate and only answer to him was that ‘Naturally it’s very difficult’. I’m sure he understood fully what I meant.

Any Doctor or Dentist, if consulted about excessively loud snoring will adopt the very same viewpoints with their patients. It’s just like buying a property. There are only three things that are important. In this case it’s Lifestyle, Lifestyle, and Lifestyle.

It’s important to remember that we produce the sound of snoring due to the vibration of the skin in the throat or the mouth when air is forced through it during sleep; just like blowing a reed instrument really. The passage of air causes vibration that produces a sound – and usually a loud one – called a snore – and that is the problem that has to be resolved by tautening the loose tissue in these areas. That can take a long time.

The next questions of course are how did this happen to us and how do we fix it?

We’ll start by answering the ‘fix it’ part of the question because that will tell us a great deal about how it happened.  The main advice you will receive if you want to stop snoring “naturally” is something like the following very unpopular set of instructions.

Quit smoking, drink a lot less, particularly late at night, and lose weight. What pleasures will there be left for us all if we don’t do as we’re instructed. We will finish up either shattered through a serious lack of good sleep, or divorced – and sometimes both.

But of course it can be done. Take the natural route to stopping snoring and sign up now for Weightwatchers, Alcoholics Anonymous and enrol in ASH. What joy our lives will be.

To be serious however it’s important to work on our lifestyle for lots of very important reasons, and not just the reduction in the problem of snoring. But at the same time it’s a long hard road and a little help along the way will not hurt. The first thing your GP or Dentist will recommend is this more sensibly balanced approach to your health, but they will also probably recommend a little help while you’re waiting for the results of your very hard-earned new healthy image to kick in.

Most NHS Sleep Centres or Clinics will recommend that you try a mouth guard, or MAD, to give its correct title, a Mandibular Advancement Device. I suggest you stick with dental mouth guard or mouthpiece. It’s much harder to get the correct title out of your mouth than it is to put this simple item in there.

They’re easy to use, very low cost and have an excellent proven record of success for most snorers, which is why they are recommended. They’re safe, unlike surgery, and simple and pretty comfortable to use, unlike CPAP oxygen intake systems.

It’s really just like the Meerkat says in those TV commercials for insurance – Simple!

By John Redfern

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