Stop Snoring with a Didgeridoo

In my Internet travels I have found some remarkable and unusual suggestions to help either reduce or overcome the worldwide problem of snoring but the following suggestion from a regularly published online magazine is certainly real ground-breaking stuff.

Snoring is a worldwide problem at acute levels and can lead to serious health issues if the proper and recommended steps aren’t taken to reduce it. These subsequent extracts from the well-known Website for Health and Fitness will provide you with some suggestions to control and reduce heavy snoring.

Firstly, and really important they suggest you learn to play an instrument – the Aboriginal Didgeridoo – and I have to quote them fully to do it justice:

Look at teaching yourself to play the musical instrument of choice for the Aussie Aborigines, the Didgeridoo. This instrument is actually a long, open up-ended hose and may give real assistance in your struggle from heavy snoring. One particular musical ‘stop’ that is required on the didgeridoo is from a special position of the mouth – just by pushing your jaw forward. Flex the muscle tissue of your throat and blow hard using your pursed mouth to ensure they are swiftly vibrated and you’ll find that this can tone the key tissues in the throat and subsequently cut down your snoring.”

Well, in my opinion, it will do very little for the World snoring problems – but it’s sure to work wonders for the sale of Aboriginal artifacts and instruments. If demand rockets I can see whole factories opening – maybe copies being produced in the Far East too.

The website goes on to support this resounding theory with some other very important and interesting recommendations that I’ll list below.


  • Remove all the emotional and physical stress from your day, as any anxiety will intensify your level of snoring. Make sure you try to have relaxing evenings with no worries and cares and this will improve your rest and reduce your snoring.
  • Work out regularly because your throat muscles will also develop along with your biceps and triceps and that will certainly help to stop them vibrating
  • Place three or four droplets of clarified butter into each nostril – morning and night
  • Don’t have anything remotely dairy-based before bedtime – including drinks – that should finish off a few well known beverages that I can think of
  • Use a warm air humidifier through the night or fill the room with steam vapour from the hot shower before you retire
  • Finish the whole package off with some decorative nasal strips to help air flow


Well it’s quite a package of treatment to undertake and I’m not at all sure what the reaction of your GP or the NHS would be. I can only guess. I certainly can’t see Clarified Butter going on Prescription somehow.

But one thing they say is correct – the change of jaw position will reduce snoring.

Your Doctor or NHS Sleep Centre will recommend this to you but not with the use of a Didgeridoo – simply by asking you to acquire a Dental Mouthpiece or MAD, a Mandibular Adjustment Device – inexpensive, simple to use, and works efficiently and quickly.

This would be the best solution, as we’ve always known – particularly as the Didgeridoo would probably significantly upset your neighbours.

By John Redfern

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