Can Snoring be cured by Surgery? Do we really need to go to this extreme?

Some people say that surgery for snoring or sleep apnoea should never be done and others say it’s
better than any other cure. So whom should you believe?

Well, I read an interesting report this week from one of America’s leading ear, nose and throat
specialists who discussed this prickly subject thoroughly after doing years of research with hospitals
and the specialist ‘sleep doctors’ who seem to abound in the USA. The author acts as one of the
leading educators of doctors and medical students in connection with innovative surgical procedures
for sleep apnoea. So he probably knows the subject better than most and is worth listening to.

What was interesting to hear from a man making his living from surgery, and I must admit surprising,
was that in his opinion it should be the very last resort to cure snoring problems, however serious
they may be. He refers to other contributory factors of which we’re all aware; obesity, eating late at
night, enjoying a few drinks too many but then goes on to make a very clear statement.

“Before you even consider surgery, you should seriously consider trying at least one or both of the
two other standard treatment options, which include CPAP and dental devices.”

He continues by saying that the only condition that can stop you benefiting from these two options
is nasal congestion; and once that problem is solved, and you can breathe better through your nose,
the chances that you’ll do well with CPAP or a dental device/mouthpiece increases significantly. They
are described as excellent options to explore before having invasive and possibly dangerous surgery.

We’re all aware that snoring is a serious and widespread condition but it can often be stopped, or
certainly improved upon, without drastic and expensive surgery. That is definitely a medical opinion.
Any Doctor or Dentist will advise you to firstly focus on contributory lifestyle factors, and also to try
simple, low-cost, proven techniques first.

That’s where a mouthpiece comes into it’s own. It’s easy to get one and you’ll hardly be spending
a fortune as the leading recommended standard products are made here in the UK and can be
purchased for as little as £30. That certainly seems a pretty cheap solution to what can be a serious
problem. CPAP machines are more expensive of course and a lot of people find it difficult to wear the
breathing mask for such a long period of time. If you’re not sure what to do about a snoring problem
then remember that you can always get advice from your dental or medical practice.

At the end of the day any sort of surgery is a major step and if it can be avoided, it should be. There is
always risk with any surgery, there’s often discomfort, and there’s certainly a hefty price tag.

In conclusion, try something safer, cheaper and easier before even considering surgery. As we’re
often told – it’s the simple things that work best.

By John Redfern

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