Snoring or ‘Snore Ring’? A Temporary Measure

I hadn’t heard of this type of anti-snoring product until quite recently so a little bit of checking out and ‘googling’ was definitely required in this case. I asked quite a few family and friends, particularly the known snorers amongst them, but these particular items were very much an unknown quantity.

I’m really surprised that so little seemed to be known about ‘Snore Rings’ because frankly there are so many different brands of them available and at such a wide range of prices that surely everyone must be aware. I’ve never seen one anywhere but on checking the internet they would appear to be absolutely everywhere which surprised me.

Apparently they’re even available sometimes in quite a variety of well-known High Street health stores with prices ranging from only £2.99 to well over £40. And it’s with very good reason too. The myriad of ‘Snore Ring’ manufacturers all claim that the choice of metal used doesn’t really matter; so some are made in sterling silver, and others in copper, and others – well, who really knows? That’s fine as long as they don’t turn your finger green.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot something quite important. It has to be your little finger too – that’s the only finger on which these ‘Snore Rings’ are really effective for some reason. The story goes that it’s connected with the age-old Chinese art of acupuncture and that certain pressure on particular parts of your little finger can stop your snoring.

If it’s that easy to stop snoring I’m going to try it with a bit of decent string. You never know, it might work.

The one thing that all the manufacturers seemed to be in agreement over however is that the rings definitely stop you snoring – or there’s a good chance of it. Sounds easy then.

It’s a wonder then that they’re not strongly recommended by the National Health Service and every GP in the land.

Still several people gave them online reviews and said they seemed to work, but mostly for only a few days, but it had really helped them on their holiday.
I guess we’re all grateful for any relief from such a serious problem, however temporary, but the real answer is to consider our age, health, weight, and lifestyle. All these things can contribute to a problem of which snoring is merely a very noisy symptom.

I’m pretty sure that the only ring that works is the one you give your doctor to discuss your problem.

Getting good sensible medical advice is by far the best approach because a doctor will first and foremost try to isolate the underlying problem that’s been causing the snoring. He may likely recommend something that will lessen the snoring and help everyone in the family sleep better, such as a simple ‘splint’ or mouthpiece, but overall his main objective will be to examine the cause – and help you do something about it.

By John Redfern

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