Snoring: The Problem – The Dangers – The Solution

According to a new report by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) nn estimated 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women suffer from habitual snoring. In addition, the AADSM has found that 50% of snorers have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), a dangerous, life threatening disorder that affects millions of people throughout the world – 20 million in the USA alone with millions more here in the UK and many millions more in all other countries of the developed world.

Snoring, although often regarded as funny, or annoying, can be highly dangerous too and should be treated to keep it under control and reduce the problem as soon as possible.

OSA happens when the tissue in the upper-airway blocks the entire airway, causing a pause in a person’s breathing. This blockage keeps air from getting into the lungs, lowering a person’s blood-oxygen levels. For OSA sufferers, this pause in breath can generally last from 10 to 30 seconds, but sometimes for a minute or more, and hundreds of times a night.

Many Dental Sleep experts believe that oral appliance therapy is both better received and more successful than the CPAP treatment that is often recommended and has low levels of success compared with the impressive 90-95% success rate of an oral appliance. Dental or Oral Mouthpieces, or MAD’s (Mandibular Adjustment Devices) slightly alter the position of the jaw and ensure a safe and continued passage of air throughout the night. They are safe, effective, inexpensive and easy to use.

Patients tolerate MAD’s better than wearing the CPAP mask that gives an Oxygen supply throughout the night and they certainly consider it a more acceptable route than surgery which can of course be dangerous.

MAD’s are NHS Approved for the very reasons outlined here and your Doctor or Dentist will advise you that it is important to treat your snoring problem as soon as you possibly can.

More and more Research Reports have focused on Snoring over the last decade and Snoring is now related to numerous key Health Problems that are life threatening. It has been thoroughly researched world wide and there is no doubt of the facts. Too much conclusive evidence points to the undeniable fact that Snoring is a serious problem. It must be treated, reduced and overcome.

Snoring can seriously strain a person’s relationship and can also cause serious health risks.

In addition to the general consequences of an adult having disturbed nights which include of course daytime tiredness, lack of concentration, and inattention – all of which can be dangerous – it has also been found that it can be a problem in young children too. Social and behavioural problems have been closely linked to the results of snoring in young children and this is being carefully monitored.

Higher up the scale snoring has been linked with increased cardiovascular dangers including both strokes and heart attacks, and higher levels of diabetes also. The Daily Telegraph reported in May this year that snoring can increase the risk of cancer five-fold.

Snoring and the associated side effects are a problem therefore that must be addressed and not dismissed – but solutions are available readily that can clear the problem immediately – and the sooner the better.

Take advice – do it quickly – and the results will follow fast by using NHS Approved products such as the SleepPro range of MAD’s. Start with the simple out-of-the-box product and you’ll find how effective it is. From there you can if you wish upgrade easily to a product tailored to custom fit your needs and requirements.

By John Redfern