Snoring Pillows – Effective Cure, or Waste of Money?

A ‘magic’ pillow that stops you snoring, just like any other stop snoring device, may work – but only for certain types of people. Maybe it’s an ideal solution for those few who suffer from snoring simply because of their bad sleeping posture.

Sleep posture, as we all know is a key factor because sleeping flat on your back causes the flesh of your throat to relax and blocks the airway. If this is the cause of your snoring then these ‘snoring pillows’ apparently come in all shapes and sizes and you need to buy the one that suits the position that you sleep in.

There are lots of different kinds of anti-snore pillows that cater to those who sleep on their backs, side, and even those who sleep flat on their bellies. Sleep position is sometimes a huge factor that contributes to snoring. Wrong or bad position of the head and the neck during sleep may cause crimping of throat tissues and muscles, which ultimately results to snoring.

Studies show that people who sleep on their backs are very prone to snoring and many snorers in this group find relief from simple home remedies like putting a simple old pillow or even their hand or arm under their chin to help firm up their neck muscles, therefore preventing snoring.

The same idea goes with the science behind a ‘stop snoring pillow’ and many other different kinds of devices. Pillows that elevate the back and prop up the abdomen effectively remedy snorers, helping their airways to open up. Curved shape pillows help support the head and the neck and create a supportive sleeping surface. Another common design is one with a narrow mid section and curved edges, which also helps to hold up the head and neck in a comfortable position where there is lesser risk of snoring.

Anti snore pillows are perhaps ideal solutions for those who are just starting to discover whether their sleeping position is the cause of their snoring or not. They are available virtually everywhere and are very simple to use. As well as preventing snoring spells, they are regarded as very comfortable and promote better and more and more restful sleep – which of course is always very important.

If you want an easy way to try remedy snoring, you could give these pillows a try. But you may be wasting your money if posture is not the cause of the airway problem. The only certain way is to keep that airway clear, whatever the cause. Take professional advice about your requirements – self-cure could be an expensive waste of time as there are many possible causes – and only a few cures – because it’s never that easy.

By John Redfern

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