Snoring In The New Years News January 2012

It’s amazing how often Snoring is prominently covered by the Media – and in all sorts of different ways. I’ve almost lost count this week. Where do I start?

I suppose the most obvious was where Michael Masden really upset all the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother 2012 with his incredibly loud snoring live on TV. I nearly had to turn down the volume. I think that little episode hit the front page of every newspaper and magazine in the UK – and a few others I guess.

And let’s not forget the back pages. In the sports section, China’s leading tennis player, Li Na, hit the headlines in Oz. Having made a good comeback to beat Caroline Wozniacki in the Australian Open she said she was playing better than she had in more recent tournaments, having not won much since her first Grand Slam title in France in the Spring. Li’s husband apparently travels with her as her business manager and has given her constant sleepless nights with his incredibly loud snoring. Threatened with divorce – he has headed off in search of a cure. She’s sleeping well in his absence.

In this day and age we obviously have to go viral – we cannot miss out on the internet. One of the biggest stories last week was how a newly born baby reacted – and how – to her father’s snoring. The baby’s face went into a shocked and startled expression, and the smile didn’t return until Dad went quiet. Over 150,00 hits in a week and it’s still going strong.

Some papers also announced that we’re going to have another ‘Stop Snoring Week’ in 2012 because the last few have been so successful.

It’s April 23rd-27th if you want to make a note.

Mostly it was the ‘Redtops’ that covered this story. Why? Well, a survey of almost 2000 respondents found out (yet again) that snoring is causing damage to lots of relationships across the UK; 75% of UK couples are spending nights in separate rooms at some time or other, causing embarrassment and distance between partners.

So it’s not just bad for your health, snoring is bad for your relationships too. The Media in fact have managed to blame a whole list of things on snoring recently; spoiled holidays, missed flights, marriage break-ups, failed sexual relationships and a great deal more too.

Maybe snoring’s not so funny after all.

By John Redfern