Snoring Mouthpieces • Good News all round

If you’ve ever slept next to a snorer you’ll realize that it is no joking matter! It’s one certain way to remove romance from the bedroom and it can cause real friction in relationships…even end them!

Snoring loudly is a major problem and is very closely connected to today’s lifestyles. Due to this there are many ‘miracle cures’ claimed, and they’re all looking to make an easy profit. So it’s very important to get some good advice, consult your doctor or dentist, and find the real root of the problem. It’s always tempting to buy a cheap, gimmicky product claiming to be the ultimate solution – but beware, because it’s never that easy.

There are lots of possible causes of snoring. Your tongue may be moving around and obstructing the airway causing it to vibrate as air passes it by, you may have a problem with the shape of your nasal passages, or simply small nostrils that cause you to breathe through your mouth, or a simple constriction of the airway in your throat when you lie down to sleep through position of the jaw.

So something needs to be done. What can you try? The anti-snoring device that is most often approved by doctors and dentists, including NHS Sleep Centres and Hospitals, is the mouthpiece.

It’s simple, efficient, low-cost, and has the highest rates of success. The mouthpiece operates very simply by keeping the jaw, and the tongue, in the correct position. A couple of nights to get used to it can be followed by nights of blissful sleep and the renewal of harmony in your relationship! All for £30 or so plus VAT. You should be careful not to pay more than that. Just like the TV Show of the same name – The Price is Right. Beware of  the expensive ones – and the cheap imitations too.  This has certainly got to be the bargain of the century at a very low price – particularly because if you’re not happy with the results then companies such as SleepPro, whose products are medically approved and are very often recommended by the NHS, will refund the cost of their Standard product with no argument.

There are two principal varieties of mouthpiece available to you at the moment but watch this space – technology never stands still.
Firstly there’s the standard version which uses ‘boil and bite’ technology to make sure that it’s both comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. Many people have found the SleepPro Standard is enough to stop their snoring without the need for the more expensive upgrade to the next level. Some cheaper versions are not so comfortable as they don’t mould to you and don’t adjust the jaw.

If you need a thinner version, that’s designed for real comfort, and is made based on an impression of your teeth, then opt for the SleepPro Custom. Even at its higher price it’s still great value at half the price of copycat versions. The Custom is made in a sophisticated dental products laboratory here in the U.K. based on your dental impressions and jaw position and IT will be the perfect fit. Stop the snoring and hardly know it’s in there.

By John Redfern