Do you Snore? In the USA Sleep Apnoea Awareness Day is April 18, 2013. Here at SleepPro – it’s every day.

The American Sleep Apnoea Association lists Sleep Apnoea Awareness day as April 18, 2013 and media across the country are running special programmes to raise awareness of sleep disorders, as well as many dental offices across the country who are offering free sleep apnoea screenings.

Sleep Pro would like to support this by telling you the top 10 signs of OSA

With over 80 Million people undiagnosed with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) in the USA alone, and many millions more here in the UK, it’s assumed that more physicians would implement greater OSA treatments in their practices.  Interestingly enough, dentists are among the small group of practitioners stepping up, to take on the sleepy killer, OSA.

With sleep apnoea, chronic low oxygen levels in the blood stress brain and heart function. Research indicates that ninety-per cent of individuals with the disease (OSA) are still undiagnosed.  Many GP’s and Dentists recommend trying a simple device worn over the teeth at night that keeps the tongue from blocking the airway. This allows for adequate breathing and oxygen levels while asleep.

SleepPro are specialists in Oral Appliance Technology and have a choice of mouthpieces at various price points that will help prevent the problem.

Sleep Apnoea is a dangerous disorder, coming with serious side effects which span from heart attack to death and we always recommend that you see your GP if you have the symptoms listed below.

The Top 10 signs that you may have OSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Daytime Fatigue and sleepiness
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Repeated awakenings during sleep
Morning headaches
Decreased Concentration, focus and memory loss
Rapid or irregular heartbeat

By John Redfern