SleepPro Sleep Tight

The UK’s leading approved medical solution for snoring
  • Based on the successful and proven Easifit with FDA clearance *
  • It carries the same 30 day money back guarantee
  • Twin polymer technology makes it effective and comfortable *
  • Improved ease of fit using boil-and-bite technology
  • Fits more firmly to reduce rubbing or chafing
  • Improved air intake – larger breathing hole – more tongue space *
  • BPA and Latex Free
  • *  Check The Research Page for further details if required
SleepPro Sleep Tight 3D VIew


Based on the long-established and proven sleepPro Easifit, this NEW custom developed mouthpiece is available worldwide after gaining stringent FDA clearance in the USA.

If you’re looking for something that is highly effective, easy to adjust, and offering a tighter but still very comfortable fit, then the sleepPro Sleep Tight is the ideal oral appliance.

The sleepPro Sleep Tight uses special ‘Boil and bite’ technology to ensure it is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. Although a sleepPro Custom will offer maximum comfort and efficacy, many customers have found that the Sleep Tight is enough to stop their snoring without any need for a more specially formed bespoke oral appliance.

Buy a Double pack and save £30
Or a Combination Pack where a Chin Support Strap
is included with the mouthpiece and save £5


Stop snoring in three easy steps:
1. Unwrap your sleepPro Sleep Tight mouth-piece
2. Mould it to the shape of your jaw using the ‘boil and bite’ technology
3. Wear it when going to bed, and get ready for a snore-free evening

‘Boil and bite’: How does it work?

Boil and bite technology has helped us to produce a low cost, effective
solution for snorers of all shapes and sizes. The technology lets you
mould the mouthpiece to the shape of your jaw so that it fits snugly
throughout the night and stays in place.

Please note: You will only need to do the moulding process once!

Easy-to-follow instructions can be downloaded using this button.