SleepPro Custom

Do you snore heavily or suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea? A medically approved SleepPro Custom is the solution to both these problems?

    • Nearly half the price of costly alternatives
    • Highly effective for snoring and sleep apnoea
    • Comfortable and easy to use
    • Fits perfectly and custom made to your own jaw

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Order yourself a SleepPro Custom. This is a special mouthpiece made from a laboratory-grade impression of your own teeth. The method produces a perfect fit. It’s thin, it’s very comfortable, and the best part is that it will help stop snoring and prevent sleep apnoea.

Recent research by a top UK Hospital places it as the Number One choice

Totally independent research has been carried out by leading medical researchers at Papworth Hospital in the UK who are world-famous for their work in heart research and sleep disorders .


Their two key recommendations for semi-bespoke oral appliances were:

    • SleepPro Custom should be offered as first line treatment for mild OSA and any form of snoring
    • SleepPro Custom should be offered as an alternative to CPAP for moderate OSA

How it works

    • We will send you a professional dental impression kit for you to take an impression of your teeth. You can do this at home. It’s easy to do and full instructions are provided in your pack.
    • Send the impression to us and we will create your own bespoke stop snoring mouthpiece from your dental impression and send it to you in just a few days.
    • Wave snoring goodbye – get used to enjoying a good night’s sleep!


Already A SleepPro Customer? Make sure to claim your discount!

If you have purchased a SleepPro Custom within 6 months of your previous purchase you will receive 20% off. Just email us for your discount code.

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SleepPro Custom

VAT & Postage Included
  • A custom-fitted mouthpiece
  • 50% cheaper than
  • Highly effective in dealing
    with snoring or mild to moderate sleep apnoea
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Perfectly formed to fit you exactly