Sleep Apnoea In The News

I didn’t realize what major problems Sleep Apnoea could present to the average person. Not just a serious snoring problem but with the choice of treatments too.

This week the (Daily) Telegraph printed an article on alternative medical treatments for numerous medical conditions, including Sleep Apnoea, which really spelled it out for me. It dealt more specifically with some of those treatments where there are doubts about their usefulness or even worse, their safety.

The section of the article that covered obstructive sleep apnoea, stated rightly that stentorian snoring and chronic exhaustion were the two main effects and these can have a big impact on lifestyle – even down to the loss of a driving licence sometimes.

Of course, they rightly say, that surgery to the back of the throat is an option but very few people are keen on this – understandably – and therefore opt instead for a CPAP device which involves wearing a face mask device all night through which air is pumped in a steady stream to keep the airways open – the main root of the problem.

The Telegraph referred to some very recent Danish Medical Research on using CPAP as a treatment for Sleep Apnoea and the outcome just astounded me. The Medical Researchers actually tried the CPAP device themselves with the following quotes describing the results being published in the BMJ – The British Medical Journal:

“When it started it blew me up like a balloon.”
“It was very unpleasant and after a while my throat dried out.”
“Wanted to turn it down but I got lost in the 100 page manual.”

This last comment prompted some real scrutiny of the manual for an answer and they were very dismayed to find buried in the text a warning that there was no guarantee that the CPAP device might not be lethal. The Sleep Clinic from where they’d borrowed the device told The researchers that they were not surprised – only two of the 35 patients that had tried it were able to tolerate it for one reason or another. A search on the Internet re-enforced these views thoroughly for me.

So where do we go from here? Sleep Apnoea is a really common problem in our society today. Perhaps it’s down to modern lifestyle.
If you are a serial drinker or smoker, perhaps on medication, obese, or you have suffered damage to your nervous system at some point, you may well suffer from this condition.

When we sleep at night, we need air into the lungs to ensure that the rest of our body functions correctly but if this is blocked in any manner what-so-ever, it will interfere with the natural breathing process between the brain, lungs and heart. A simple mouthpiece, as offered by sleepPro, can help a great deal.

Check it out with your medical or dental surgery because they’ll advise you on the right device to help open the airways. And perhaps some lifestyle advice too!

Sleep Apnoea can be easily treated – and safely too.

By John Redfern