SleepPro™ ‘stop snoring’ products

Did you know that snoring is the third largest cause of marriage break-down after infidelity and financial problems? It can be a very serious issue for many people.

But it doesn’t need to be. Snoring can be stopped! Our snoring prevention product (also known as a Mandibular Advancement Device) is often the first recommendation a doctor will make for the treatment of snoring.

Numerous Doctors throughout the World supply SleepPro™ mouth-pieces to their patients because they’re comfortable, affordable, easy to use and highly effective.

Mandibular advancement devices are one of only three clinically approved treatments for snoring, so buy a SleepPro™ today and enjoy peaceful nights sleep.


sleepPro standard

  • The sleepPro standard is the best way to find out if this type of treatment will stop your snoring.
  • Low cost, simple and effective snoring treatment. Designed as an introduction to snore prevention mouth-pieces
  • The sleepPro is easy to fit and fully re-mouldable.
  • ‘Boil-and-bite’ technology moulds the sleepPro to your mouth for maximum comfort.
  • Large breathing hole allows clear breathing through the mouth as well as the nose, to help stop you snoring whilst asleep.
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sleepPro self fit adjustable

  • Uses the classic ‘boil and bite’ technology for you to self customise your sleep pro mouth
  • 7 different settings to ensure each individual can adjust to achieve the precise tension needed
  • Perfect if you have found that the Sleep pro standard works for you, but you are looking for a device that is a little more tailored
  • Easily fitted and can be fully re-moulded
  • 50% refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days
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sleepPro custom

  • The second stage in curing your snoring for good. This custom-made mouth-piece is designed specifically for you, resulting in a perfect, high-grade fit.
  • Thinner and more comfortable than the sleepPro standard, this device is a great upgrade if you have had success with our previous snoring mouthpieces.
  • The sleepPro custom is made in a laboratory using an impression mould of your teeth. Simply create a dental impression using the kit provided, send us the mould and we will create your custom anti-snore mouthpiece, and deliver straight to your door.
  • SleepPro standard owners also get a 20% discount when you purchase the sleepPro custom within six months of your original order.
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sleepPro Chin Strap Support

  • Designed for open mouthed snorers – ensures close mouthed breathing whilst gently pushingthe jaw forward
  • Works perfectly with a SleepPro mouth guard to ensure nasal breathing and clearing theairways
  • Fully adjustable straps so that it can be worn by anyone in the family
  • An affordable and long lasting solution
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sleepPro double pack

  • Discount double pack of sleepPro standards with an extra mouthpiece for just £10.00.
  • Never be without your sleepPro, always have a handy spare.
  • His and Hers.
  • Why buy 2?
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sleepPro Standard + Chin Strap Support Combo Deal

  • Make great savings with this mouth-piece and chin strap combo deal
  • Works together to cover all causes of snoring
  • Ceases open mouthed snoring, stopping soft pallet restrictions and opens up the airways
  • 30 day money back guarantee for mouth-piece
  • The ultimate snoring treatment
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sleepPro fresh and clean

  • Each pack contains 20 tablets.
  • Ideal for daily or weekly use to keep your sleepPro fresh and clean.
  • Specifically developed for cleaning oral devices , such as removable braces and appliances.
  • Unlike over the counter dental cleaning products these will not degrade and discolour the plastic.
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