Your Quality Of Sleep Decreases As You Get Older

A University in California has discovered links between age and sleep quality, symptoms of ageing also include brain atrophy and memory problems. After studying the brain in both Continue reading

February Is The Worst Month For Sleep!

If you’re feeling that little bit more tired this morning, you’re definitely not alone. A British Sleep Survey found that it takes on average eight minutes longer to Continue reading

This Valentine's Day, Cut Out Snoring, Win a Onesie!

If you’re pondering over the best gift to give your better half this year, SleepPro can certainly help you out. Chocolates are dated, roses are definitely a cliché, Continue reading

Is Snoring as Bad as Smoking for your Heart?

For many people snoring is considered nothing more than a pesky bedroom annoyance, it may cause you to sleep apart or spend the night wide awake shaking and Continue reading

Why you should avoid a nightcap before bed, it’ll increase your chances of snoring!

Why you should avoid a nightcap before bed, it’ll increase your chances of snoring! It’s widely believed that an alcoholic drink before you sleep will help you relax, Continue reading


• STOP PRESS • A major study has found that moderate snorers were at 4.8 times greater risk of death from heart attacks and far from just being Continue reading

Part Three: Do you Snore?

New ‘cures’ for those who suffer from sleep apnea or are heavy snorers. The third and final part of this feature examines more recent developments in the treatment Continue reading

Do you Snore? Part Two…further exposés of new ‘cures’ for snoring.

The second part of this feature examines further new and supposedly effective treatments of heavy snoring and sleep apnoea. Sound Sensor and Microphone This consists of a plastic Continue reading

Do you snore?

Do you snore? If so….read about some of the very recent – and perhaps – more unusual ‘cures’ for snoring Over the last few years, there has been Continue reading

90% of us suffer from sleepless nights with snoring being a leading cause.

Over a third of adults say they often wake up than three times a night Coventry is the capital of Britain’s biggest snorers while 96% of residents in Continue reading

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