Serious Sleep Problems revealed in Goodnight Britain

One of the most heavily watched programmes to be shown on BBC these last few weeks has been Goodnight Britain – a long overdue insight into unusual, but common, Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy • ‘That roaring outside ain’t snoring’

For me that was without doubt the ‘Snoring Headline of the Week’ and it was to be found in a small newspaper in North Eastern USA as a comment Continue reading

Go MAD • Stop Snoring with a Mandibular Advancement Device

Mandibular Advancement Devices are commonly referred to as stop snoring mouthpieces or mouth guards. As well as being used to restrict or totally stop snoring they are often Continue reading

Sleep Apnoea and Snoring: What's the Difference?

Sleep apnoea is a disorder that is characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing (apnoeas) or abnormally low breathing during sleep. These apnoeas can occur due to a lack Continue reading

A Chin Strap may help to stop you snoring

Did you know that 85% of snorers sleep with the mouth open and it is this habit that in most cases leads to snoring in the first place? Continue reading

Anti Snoring Mouthpieces – Do they Help or are they Hype?

Each night thousands of people go to bed only to wake up in the morning feeling more tired than they did the day before because they suffered from Continue reading

Snoring & Sleep – Common Myths And Facts

Snoring is a common problem, especially among men, but it isn’t harmful Although snoring may be harmless for most people, it can be a symptom of a life-threatening Continue reading

Snoring – Make sure the solution fits the problem

A snoring problem may well be slight and not hazardous to your overall well being but snoring can also be a sign of a more critical health situation Continue reading

The Best Ways To Cure Your Snoring

Managing snoring issues has become such an important thing that the number of snoring solutions in the market has rocketed in the past few years. Having the problem Continue reading

New Report: Half of women may have Sleep Apnoea

Sleep is a big topic these days. Turn on the TV or radio and you’ll probably hear someone discussing sleep medicine. There have been broadcast several conversations about Continue reading

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