OSA is more common in men – but it’s often more dangerous in women

Sleep apnoea, which causes pauses in people’s breathing during the night, is usually associated with snoring middle-aged men. But women experience it, too, and may suffer from poorer Continue reading

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Lack of sleep caused by OSA increases the risk of cancer

Although it has long been known that insomnia, parasomnia and sleep apnoea are associated with many other serious ailments, little research has associated these sleep conditions with the Continue reading

Doctors solve high abandonment of CPAP by prescribing mouthpieces

Lots of people who think they are getting enough sleep, may actually have sleep apnoea, and some adults have the classic signs of loud snoring and broken sleep Continue reading

How your sleeping position affects your health – and snoring.

There are no two ways about it. Sleep is crucial for your health. It bolsters your immune system so you can fight off illness and gives your body Continue reading

Is a Chin Strap the right Stop Snoring solution for you?

A recent study that polled over 2,000 people found that most people sleep for about 6-7 hours, but this is still far below the recommended quota of eight Continue reading

Sleep apnoea proved to cause major heart problems in women

The night-time breathing disturbance which is known as sleep apnoea can significantly boost a woman’s risk for heart problems, and even result in their death, but there was Continue reading

Snoring and sleep apnoea proved to be a cause of diabetes

A newly published research study that has concluded that Seniors with night-time breathing issues like snoring or sleep apnoea often have high blood sugar, and they may be Continue reading

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