How will a Chin Support Strap help me to stop snoring?

For those who are not sure of what a chin support strap is, it is a one-piece band of flexible material that fits over the head and keeps the mouth closed whilst you’re sleeping. It fits comfortably over the top of the head and under the jaw and it adjusts easily to the best and most acceptable position – in fact, after a while, users say that it’s hardly noticed.

Overweight Woman Asleep In Bed Snoring

The chin support strap is the simplest, cost effective way to prevent snoring and is the perfect snoring treatment for open-mouthed snorers as it makes sure that the snorer’s mouth remains shut during sleep. This device offers an instant cure for most snorers, and being fully adjustable, it can even be worn by more than one person if required.

Despite the low cost, it is a long-lasting item, and importantly it is easy to keep clean. It can be either hand or machine-washed – but many people order two for both convenience and hygiene reasons. The low price makes this easily affordable, particularly compared to the heavy price you can pay for snoring with regards to both relationships and matters of health.

Another benefit to the snorer is that it vastly reduces the problem of having a dry mouth due to open-mouthed snoring, which is a common problem for this type of snorer and most uncomfortable as a side effect. It can work for you all on its own, as can a mouthpiece, but many heavier snorers wear a combination of both of these items for maximum effectiveness.

Chin Support Strap Benefits

  • It’s an easy solution that has a pretty good record of effectiveness.
  • It works immediately if it’s going to – straight away on the first night
  • It might be the preferred option if a mouthpiece is not for you
  • It can bridge the gap while you deal with the real problem, perhaps by slow weight loss or any other adjustment of your personal lifestyle
  • It gives you time to investigate other causes and solutions
  • It is very inexpensive

If, after using the chin support strap, the problem still continues, then try combining this item with an oral appliance; again inexpensive and bringing rapid results to help you stop snoring. Many people who snore particularly heavily have found that the combination of the two brings immediate relief.

Snoring is a major lifestyle and health problem for many people today and it can also cause the serious medical condition that is called sleep apnea. Furthermore, it gives a great deal of stress to the sufferer and also to those individuals who live with him or her. The chin support strap has been responsible for many problems of this nature being resolved. For your reassurance, it is widely accepted by the medical profession and is being widely used, along with oral appliances, by Hospitals, Sleep Clinics and Medical Centres throughout the world.

In essence, it is comfortable, lightweight, and highly adjustable so it will fit perfectly for any size. Most importantly it’s highly effective. By using it regularly, you will automatically adapt to taking your rest without opening your mouth. This product can provide a good night’s rest for you – and also your family. You may not need to use this device forever because once you get used to sleeping with your mouth closed and only breathing through your nose, you may not need to put it on anymore.

The expert’s verdict

Dr Tom McKay, consultant respiratory physician at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Sleep Centre, is sceptical of many of the treatments available today. ‘Nasal strips don’t work. Operations have very limited success rates’.

‘Sprays don’t have any great effect although nasal steroids have a small role if you’ve got nasal congestion. It can help if you lose weight or avoid alcohol last thing at night, or start to sleep lying on your side. Various forms of NHS recommended mouthpieces or chin straps are successful.’

The result is an excellent night’s sleep and no snoring.

John Redfern