How to Prevent Snoring

Whilst reading a few articles and comments on the internet the other day I started to notice that there are so many different ways recommended to prevent snoring that the average sufferer, and that’s about 40% of us, must be pretty confused.

One or two of the recommendations, such as not eating dairy products before bedtime and giving up chocolate, cake, and pizza, left me utterly baffled, so I don’t think I’ll try those! However, there
was one particular lady who said she had found the perfect cure for loud snoring and those awful incessant sleepless nights – she divorced her husband. Well, it does happen a lot you know.

The main routes to prevent snoring however are very clearly established by the medical and dental professionals who are experts in this matter; the NHS even has Sleep Centres because this really has become such a big problem today – even for small children now.

There are sometimes of course some well-known underlying causes and it’s on that area that your GP will focus; if you’re overweight, drink a little too much alcohol, don’t exercise enough, or you smoke, then that will be the obvious starting point as these can all be major contributing factors.

To prevent snoring it must be pretty obvious to all of us that healthy living is important – and not just to prevent snoring. If the problem of snoring persists, and there are numerous anatomical reasons for this that are connected with our airways being clear, then our GP’s and Dentists have a very short list of recommendations.

A simple cost-effective method such as a dental mouthpiece is always top of their list. It’s easy to obtain, costs very little, and is without risk. This makes it the very first thing to try in order to help prevent snoring. After all, the other options involve more complex routes, and even risk. The next stage would then be CPAP that involves a nightly oxygen supply via mask or tube, and then, last of all, some form of surgery – and that is very much the last resort.

I went as far as jotting down a list of these so-called recommendations and thought it made such interesting reading that I’ve listed them below in groups for you to see. I’ll leave you to form your own conclusions but there’s only one sensible way forward that I can see that will bring results.


Medically Recommended

Mandibular advancement device / mouthpiece (sleepPro)



Lifestyle Group

Exercise and lose weight

Drink less alcohol

Stop smoking

Sleep Posture Products

Use higher pillows

Use two pillows

Sleep on your side

Food and drink based ideas

Stay away from calorie-rich food

Don’t eat Chocolate, Cake of Pizza

Don’t eat Fairy products before bedtime

Don’t eat Ice Cream or drink Milk

Herbal Infusions

Home remedires and all the rest of the ideas people suggest that may help you stop snoring.

Train to breathe through your nose

Do throat exercises

Blow your nose and spray salt solution

Fasten a tennis ball in the back of your pyjamas to stop you sleeing on your back

Do not take medication at night

Products on general sale

Nasal strips



Oral strips

Throat sprays

Nose clips

Nasal pins

Sinus rinse

Snore alarms

Magnetic Therapy

Use a humidifier in the bedroom

Drink less Alcohol                CPAP
Stop Smoking                    Surgery

By John Redfern