A Good Night's Sleep is what Women Want for Mother's Day

If you’re pondering over the perfect gift for your mother coming up to this weekend (Mother’s day is the 10th of March just in case you forget) then it appears that a good night’s sleep is what women really want.

A survey conducted by 1,000 mothers was conducted by the online discount site, Netvouchercodes.co.uk..

A healthy night’s sleep and a lie-in came top of the poll with 20% of the vote, mothers were asked the question of what would be their perfect gift this Mother’s day, aside from the usual choices of flowers and chocolates.

In second place was spending quality time with the family, many mothers find it difficult to do so particularly with a full-time job.

Other less popular results were the opportunity to have someone cook for them, a hot cup of tea, a clean house, an iPad and rather heartlessly with 1% of the vote, cold hard cash.

But many mothers are simply hoping for the rare opportunity to stay in bed this Sunday, this seems like a fairly simple idea but given the stresses and strains of work and home-life many mothers simply don’t get the required amount of sleep each night.

How can I give someone a good night’s sleep as a gift?

This is a very sensible question, after all it is essentially up to the individual to make lifestyle changes that will improve their sleeping pattern but one thing we can all do to improve our sleeping patterns is to cut out snoring.

Snoring affects most of us to some degree, either through our own snoring or though another member of the family. Snoring can have a potentially negative affect on our sleeping patter, leaving many people tired in the mornings after they failed to get their recommended daily allowance.

Snoring is actually one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation, if we occasionally have no control over work and domestic commitments then snoring is definitely something that can be prevented easily.

Sleep Deprivation is a topic that has been covered extensively in recent weeks by some of the most respected media sources in the United Kingdom, from the Guardian to the BBC. Studies show that just a week of sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on our genes, in the process sleep deprivation can damage our immune system leaving us more vulnerable to regular, every day issues such as cold, flu and other common viruses.

Recent studies have also shown that there is a link between snoring and our cardiovascular health. Habitual snorers were found to have thinner walls within cartoid arteries, these are common within smokers too, damage to these arteries can potentially cause difficulties in your heart, particularly high blood pressure and diabetes.

If snoring is a potentially treatable problem then we should be doing more as a society to actively correct the problem.

So what we’re essentially asking is either to cut out your mother’s, your partner’s snoring or better yet, sort out your own snoring problems.

How to stop snoring?

As we’ve already stated, snoring is one of the most common causes of sleep deprivation but is also one of the most treatable.


Many people find that surgery is an effective treatment, surgery does offer high levels of success in preventing the problem but as with any surgical procedure it can cause potentially harmful side effects. Surgery is considered one of the more drastic methods to curing such a preventable problem, in addition the procedure is considered to be pretty invasive.


Continous positive airway pressure is a proven way to prevent the problem but it certainly isn’t without its problems, the process involves wearing a mask while you sleep that continuously pumps air in to your throat, this in turn prevents snoring and sleep apnea.

This is also a rather drastic method, many have found that the machine is somewhat cumbersome and is uncomfortable to wear every night.

Mandibular Advancement Device

This is what we’re advising as the ideal way to prevent habitual snoring and sleep apnea, this is a method that’s clinically proven to produce results without the hassle and unnecessary stress that comes with surgery and CPAP.

This is also a cost effective method compared with other treatments, so we advise you try one a mandibular advancement device before the more drastic options.

So why not get yourself the perfect gift for Mother’s day with a stop snoring device (although some flowers probably wouldn’t go a miss).

By Richard Owen