Earplugs for relief from Snoring

‘Relief from snoring by using earplugs’ is an advertising headline that I see regularly on various shopping sites around the internet and the statement always triggers a number questions for me:

First, which of the two persons sharing the bedroom gets the relief?

Second, is this an interim measure or a last resort?

Third, will you still hear the fire or smoke alarm or your alarm call?

Last, and most important, why not eliminate the problem instead?

I can understand perfectly well how difficult it is to have marital harmony, let alone a good night’s sleep, if you’re the partner of someone who snores very loudly. Snoring is, after all, one of the biggest causes of divorce, which may sound incredible but is absolutely true; it ranks third only after Infidelity and financial problems as the primary cause. So Beware!

I read recently that couples fight in the bedroom an average of 167 times a year – mostly for the covers I may add – but 10% of couples claim to fight about snoring at least twice a week, with men of course being the main culprits. So maybe, earplugs will soon rank alongside beautiful lingerie as must have and fashionable attire for the boudoir – but I think not.

I always wonder if snorers who are single, and not married or with a partner, ever use earplugs? And if so, why bother? It reminds me a little bit of that old psychology test question “If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound.” Some say the answer is that nobody knows. Others say that it could be either Yes or No. However in this case the answer is definitely:  “Yes of course there is – just ask the neighbours.”

I was amused to hear a story from a friend who went away last year on a European Camping holiday in France with his family, and he told me that they were issued a few sets of foam earplugs free of charge as part of their Reception Welcome Pack. That’s certainly a first! At home he works at a Factory where there is constant noise of machinery and he said that he wished he’d taken his Ear Defenders with him. For those who don’t know about Ear Defenders they’re like stereo earphones and available in all the DIY and Power Tool shops. Health and Safety insist upon them. You may have seen the tractor drivers wearing them. Apparently my friend’s children used the headsets from their ipods. What a fun place for a holiday!

Fun apart, at the end of the day, the only real relief from Snoring in this type of situation will come if you attack the problem and treat it – and not just try to cover it up or pretend it’s not happening. Snoring is a harmful habit that can ruin not only the sleep of others but also your own. It significantly affects the snorer’s energy levels and that of your distressed partner too.

Many people snore because their breathing is impaired because of weak throat tissues and jaw constrictions and the best answer is a mouthpiece that adjusts the position of the jaw and opens the airway. The result is no more snoring and it’s immediate. A dental mouthpiece or MAD (Mandibular Adjustment Device) – what a smart marketing term – is easy to obtain, simple to use, inexpensive and recommended by the NHS and Dentists.

It’s not Rocket Science – but it is just what the Doctor ordered.

By John Redfern

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