Chin Support Strap

  • Simple, affordable anti- snoring device, worn across the chin and around the top/back of head
  • Treatment for open mouthed snoring
  • Adjustable design for easy positioning
  • Proven to vastly reduce the problem of dry mouth during sleep
  • Easy to clean (hand or machine wash)

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The Perfect Treatment For Open-Mouthed Snorers

Our snoring chin strap is a specialized treatment for open mouthed snoring and is a proven solution to minimize the problem of dryness of mouth during sleep. With the chin strap on, you can sleep peacefully and without any unnecessary discomfort or pain. The anti snore chin strap is designed for easy use and has an adjustable, sleek design.

Simple And Easy To Use

Wrapping around the chin and top/back of head, the device ensures that the snorers mouth remains closed during sleep. The exclusive one-piece, two strap design ensures comfort, whilst firmly remaining in position throughout the duration of your sleep. The chin support strap is affordable, long-lasting and after a few nights using it most snorers report that they do not even notice wearing it. This device offers an instantaneous, non-invasive remedy for snorers, and with it’s fully adjustable function it can be worn by anyone.

Fitting Instructions

  • Position the device over the chin and the top/back of head (front and rear strap respectively), as pictured
  • To alter the upward force, place straps towards the front of the head (they can be overlapped) for increased tension, and towards the back to reduce it
  • The exclusive two-strap ‘tension and positioning’ system helps to achieve the desired upward force.
  • Once obtained, the support strap can be removed and used again without having to adjust it each time (but can be repositioned at any time if necessary)

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Sleeppro Chin Strap Support

Inc free postage.
  • Medically proven
  • Ideal for the treatment of open mouth
    snoring, enforcing nasal breathing
  • Non-invasive and inexpensive
  • Comfortable and easy to use

Moneyback Guarantee

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