A Chin Strap may help to stop you snoring

Did you know that 85% of snorers sleep with the mouth open and it is this habit that in most cases leads to snoring in the first place? When you sleep with your mouth open you tend to breath through your mouth which can cause your throat to dry out, making it vibrate when air tries to make its way past the dried out tissue. However, there is a simple solution to prevent open mouth snoring and that is to use a chin strap to stop snoring.

Chin straps for snoring are easy to use. You simply put it on as directed and it forces your lower jaw up and therefore keeps your mouth closed during the night. This prevents you from trying to draw too much air in through your mouth and causing the throat tissues to vibrate. It will also help to prevent your throat from drying out.

However, keep in mind that there may be other causes for your snoring including health problems and make sure your visit your doctor before embarking on any solution to prevent your snoring. After your doctor has done a thorough medical check he can advise you on whether or not your snoring is caused by breathing through your mouth.

If you have trouble breathing through your nose then you should have that problem treated first. Some people who have had their noses broken or with other medical problems feel as though they are suffocating if they can’t breathe through their mouths. If you are one of those people then you may simply have congestion or some other medical reason why you are not getting a proper airflow through your nasal passages. Solving that problem may in itself help to solve your snoring problem as well.

Chin straps to stop snoring are very safe to use. In fact, NHS hospitals often use these devices so both the snoring patient and those around them get to sleep and rest better. Of course like any other device such as the Mouthpiece, which is also NHS recommended, these straps are not going to work for 100% of those who are snorers – but between them they can help to solve a very large proportion of them.

Like any other device, some people will need a little time to get used to wearing a chin strap but for others this will not be an issue at all. Most people find that these straps are far very comfortable to wear whereas others prefer to use an anti-snoring devices that fits in the mouth.

Always keep in mind that there are a variety of different reasons why people snore in the first place. A product that works to stop one type of snoring may be completely ineffective for a different person whose snoring is caused by different circumstances. That is why it is so important to know what is causing your snoring so you can deal with it effectively.

While a chin strap to stop snoring won’t be the answer for everyone it can prove to be helpful to a great many people….so check which works for you best. They are easily obtained and quite inexpensive – a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep for you and probably your partner too.

Check out the Sleeppro Chin Strap support and you will find that this is the perfect treatment for open-mouthed snorers and provides an economical, medically proven solution to your problem. It has an adjustable design for easy positioning and extra comfort and can even be combined with a SleepPro mouth guard if you require a really effective solution.

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By John Redfern