CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER – It’s been a real snore from beginning to end!

For those of you who avidly follow the daily – and nightly – pursuits of our specially selected list of celebrities in The Big Brother House (for celebrities, read ‘a bunch of little known people who desperately need to get on TV one way or another’) you’ll know that snoring problems have been big news throughout the show.

It’s certainly caused a few arguments and a few embarrassing moments for our celebrities and probably helped to keep the audience figures boosted for this Channel 5 Takeover Revival. No wonder it’s had such a loyal and keen audience. It’s almost a candidate for Ealing Studios as ‘Carry on Snoring.’

Frankly, have you ever heard anyone snore as loud as Denise Welch? Denise made sure that none of her fellow housemates could sleep in the Celebrity Big Brother house on Saturday night. The star of Loose Women went to bed early and by the time the rest of the stars had turned in, her snoring was so loud it was almost shaking the foundations of the house.

The group of residents had quite a giggle trying to stop the almighty noise. Karissa Shannon threw pillows at Welch, while Michael Madsen crawled on the floor, tickled her feet and even pumped her leg up and down, before being called to the diary room and told off for his actions.
The next morning Romeo told Denise just how bad she had been and she simply exclaimed: “I don’t remember any of this but why didn’t they wake me? I was in a sound sleep before everybody came in.”

Denise Welch was left in tears, following yet another row with Michael Madsen. Despite having made it to the final, the pair again clashed, this time over her snoring.

“If you slept on your side you wouldn’t snore,” Michael advised her, following complaints from the twins. Denise told Michael that he is just as bad when it comes to snoring. “You do snore extremely loudly,” he retorts.

It’s only a couple of weeks since the main snoring culprit was Michael and the noise in the bedroom at that time was described as being like frog song. Our poacher-cum-gamekeeper Michael has now decided he knows the cure for snoring – it’s as easy as sleeping on your side. If only.

We’ll just have to see how the final week progresses but it’s certainly been an ongoing theme to events. The first culprits were Frankie, Gareth and Victor, soon followed by Michael. I guess Denise was just getting her own back for the girls side.

Perhaps the programme needs to be renamed. Maybe Snore and Peace.

And if any of the celebrity housemates can manage an undisturbed night perhaps they should be given the ‘Sleep Pro’ Award.

By John Redfern

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