Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

According to Health Magazine the best possible way to get a good night’s rest if you snore is, and always has been, by utilizing a mouthpiece. This offers a solution to the world’s millions of snorers to fix their snoring problems. If you do not understand the underlying causes of snoring, it is quite difficult to decide which remedy of the many that are available will be the best for you. While asleep the snorers throat muscles will become very relaxed and the soft tissue collapses in on itself, blocking the flow of oxygen to the blood, brain, and heart possibly causing serious problems. Therefore, as snorers breathe, the uvula and muscles vibrate and knock against the back of the throat, causing the sound people hear from snoring.

These mouthpieces are also referred to as Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD’s) and can prove to be just as effective as surgery at reducing snoring.

Athletic mouth guards are very reminiscent of these mouthpieces, and if you’ve seen one, you’d probably recognize the other. They work by pushing the jaw forward while you are sleeping, which promotes a greater amount of space in your airway alleviating any blockage. This in turn makes the air pass freely through the mouth and the throat, and eliminates snoring.

Another added benefit of the mouthpiece is that it helps prevent your tongue from sliding to the back of your throat. This is helpful since a good number of people are snoring victims because their tongues fall back into their throats as they sleep. While this sounds extremely uncomfortable the snorer doesn’t know they are experiencing this problem and wakes up completely clueless. This highly effective anti-snoring device is even more advantageous since it not only eliminates snoring, but it alleviates sleep apnoea as well – which can be so dangerous if untreated.

With proper usage and care these mouthpieces can provide a number of benefits:

The relief is immediate : The snoring problem stops as soon as a snoring mouthpiece is put in; hence it is far better than waiting for pills to work or recovering from any medical procedure.

Reduces the chance of developing a more serious illness: It is so unfortunate that people who snore are more susceptible to developing heart disease, sleep apnoea, and high blood pressure. Thankfully, the sooner one can stop snoring, the lesser the chances of developing such problems.

The comfort factor: Almost all stop snoring mouthpiece are made of soft plastic, this brings the cushioning effect instead of poking the mouth. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that you will feel any discomfort while sleeping with a stop snoring mouthpiece in.

It saves people from embarrassment: It help by saving one the embarrassment of being branded “that guy”, who when falling asleep, starts snoring, hence keeping everyone else awake. You can avoid being a nuisance to others sleeping around you simply by investing in one of these mouthpieces.

A key additional benefit is that you can enjoy sleep without interruption, and without annoying your loved ones.

By John Redfern