Anti Snoring Mouthpieces – Do they Help or are they Hype?

Each night thousands of people go to bed only to wake up in the morning feeling more tired than they did the day before because they suffered from snoring problems that either kept waking them up or they had partners who snore so loud that the sound kept them awake. Eventually this snoring starts to take a toll on both the snorer and their partner. Needing to find some way to stop snoring and get the rest that they need snorers often turn to the anti-snoring mouthpiece in the hopes of putting their snoring and sleepless nights behind them

A mouthpiece is an easily acquired off the shelf item that is recommended by the NHS and many Doctors and Dentists. For real permanent relief that’s instant, convenient and low cost ask your doctor or dentist about these mandibular advancement devices or MAD’s. These mouthpieces or oral devices are positioned in your mouth snugly against your upper teeth and lower teeth. The appliance positions your jaw slightly forward, which can help you stop snoring – permanently.

What exactly Is an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece?

A snoring mouthpiece is a device normally made of plastic that fits in the mouth keeping it lined up in such a way as to keep the air passage open during sleep. This usually means moving the lower jaw forward and preventing the tongue from falling back into the airway.

Getting such a device from your dentist means getting one that is exactly fitted for you and often adjustments can be made to make the device more comfortable. There are also some self-adjustable devices or custom fit products that you can purchase without visiting your dentist and at a much lower cost.

Aren’t these devices uncomfortable?

While in most cases these devices do take some getting use to – just like sleeping with a retainer does – how comfortable they are will depend a great deal on each individual person and how well the device fits in the mouth and around the gum and teeth area.

The over the counter devices that are made of hard plastic will never be as perfect as you might wish. However, there are other devices that can be moulded by you to fit your mouth perfectly which are far more comfortable and after the initial “getting use to phase” allows for comfortable sleep without any snoring at all. In addition new products now exist that are simply self-adjustable to give greater comfort,

I’ve heard that none of these devices really work. Is that true?

Just like any anti-snoring device the anti-snoring mouthpiece is not going to work for everyone. Even in cases where they do work, some people simply aren’t comfortable with having a device in their mouth and so they never get use to it. In other cases, people choose the wrong fit and find the discomfort intense.

However, there are many people who do find that these devices fit well, are comfortable, and allow them to get the rest they need. For these people these devices are almost a miracle allowing them to get more rest than they have gotten in years.

I can’t afford The Dental Device. What type of Mouthpiece Is best?

If you can’t afford to get one specifically fitted for you by a dentist then the next best thing to get a devise that is made of pliable plastic that you can specifically mould to your own mouth. These devices provide for a better fit and are more likely to provide the most comfort. Check out the SleepPro Custom as a British made example of this solution.

Alternatively, the SleepPro SFA is precisely adjustable in small increments of as little as 1.5mm and this, combined with the latest dual polymer construction, serves to produce a much more comfortable and secure fit for anyone suffering from heavy snoring or sleep apnoea.

Always bear in mind that any of these devices, whether over the counter or made by your dentist, will take a few days to get use to so give them a real chance before deciding that a specific device is not for you.

While not for absolutely everyone, these mouth aids do work for many people – in fact it would seem the majority – and provide an alternative to those sleepless nights for both you and your partner.

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By John Redfern