Anti-snoring Mouthguards

There are numerous names for these devices that in many cases prevent loud snoring.

Amongst them are mouthguard, mouthpiece, jaw retainer, tongue repositioner or advancer, splint, or to give the correct medical term – a Mandibular Advancement Device or MAD. Put simply, it is a dental mouthpiece that will slightly adjust the position of the lower jaw to ensure that the sleeper has a clear airway; which of course restricts snoring.

Mouthguards are generally regarded as the most effective simple solution to the problem of snoring, which in some cases can be a serious danger to your health, particularly if you suffer from sleep apnea with its many possible and dangerous side effects.

The dental mouthguard is a simple, low-cost solution that is easily accessible for all, and as a consequence of this it is the first line of treatment that any NHS Sleep Clinic, General Practitioner or Dentist will recommend. At a cost of only £30 or so, or even £20 each if you buy the double pack version, it is easily attainable as a solution to snoring by everyone. The benefits by comparison are incredible. We all know how much a good night’s sleep is worth – and certainly our partners do.

The sleepPro Standard is a prime example of a high quality dental mouthguard. It is made in the UK by a British company and from specialist materials that cause it to adapt to the shape of your mouth for comfort and fit. For any person that snores, and here we are talking around 40% of the population, it’s a natural first step to take.

It’s a far more successful and better approach to the problem than the dubious array of non-recommended products such as acupuncture style snore rings, nasal breathing strips, chinstraps and the many other supposed anti-snoring devices that have proliferated across the last few years. And of course it’s less problematic than using overnight oxygen systems and masks, which many people can’t adjust to, and definitely safer than oral surgery, which, after all, is never without its dangers and should only ever be a last resort.

Of course, keeping your weight down, stopping smoking and not drinking alcohol to excess, along with regular exercise all contribute greatly to a healthy lifestyle and every GP will tell you that this is the route to take. And they are right.

However that won’t stop you snoring overnight – but a sleepPro mouthpiece can.

Start with the standard product, and when you find that it’s worked for you, upgrade to a Custom version that’s tailored to fit your mouth precisely and is a little lighter to wear. This is also perhaps the route to prefer if you have any dental alignment problems that may trouble you with a standard version.

Sleep tight.

By John Redfern