Snoring Denise Welch Wins Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 update.

To quote The Sun “Denise Welch is Loose-tongued”

Maybe that’s the real cause of the snoring but our loose-mouthed friend runs out Winner of CBB even after another major on-air fall out with Michael Madsen. Madsen pretended to snore during her final interview and got himself a torrent of abuse for his trouble. Don’t think he was too terrified of Denise as he saw real violence when he starred in Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs.

Wonder if it’s a case of ‘he who snores last, snores longest’.

By John Redfern

CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER – It’s been a real snore from beginning to end!

For those of you who avidly follow the daily – and nightly – pursuits of our specially selected list of celebrities in The Big Brother House (for celebrities, read ‘a bunch of little known people who desperately need to get on TV one way or another’) you’ll know that snoring problems have been big news throughout the show.

It’s certainly caused a few arguments and a few embarrassing moments for our celebrities and probably helped to keep the audience figures boosted for this Channel 5 Takeover Revival. No wonder it’s had such a loyal and keen audience. It’s almost a candidate for Ealing Studios as ‘Carry on Snoring.’

Frankly, have you ever heard anyone snore as loud as Denise Welch? Denise made sure that none of her fellow housemates could sleep in the Celebrity Big Brother house on Saturday night. The star of Loose Women went to bed early and by the time the rest of the stars had turned in, her snoring was so loud it was almost shaking the foundations of the house.

The group of residents had quite a giggle trying to stop the almighty noise. Karissa Shannon threw pillows at Welch, while Michael Madsen crawled on the floor, tickled her feet and even pumped her leg up and down, before being called to the diary room and told off for his actions.
The next morning Romeo told Denise just how bad she had been and she simply exclaimed: “I don’t remember any of this but why didn’t they wake me? I was in a sound sleep before everybody came in.”

Denise Welch was left in tears, following yet another row with Michael Madsen. Despite having made it to the final, the pair again clashed, this time over her snoring.

“If you slept on your side you wouldn’t snore,” Michael advised her, following complaints from the twins. Denise told Michael that he is just as bad when it comes to snoring. “You do snore extremely loudly,” he retorts.

It’s only a couple of weeks since the main snoring culprit was Michael and the noise in the bedroom at that time was described as being like frog song. Our poacher-cum-gamekeeper Michael has now decided he knows the cure for snoring – it’s as easy as sleeping on your side. If only.

We’ll just have to see how the final week progresses but it’s certainly been an ongoing theme to events. The first culprits were Frankie, Gareth and Victor, soon followed by Michael. I guess Denise was just getting her own back for the girls side.

Perhaps the programme needs to be renamed. Maybe Snore and Peace.

And if any of the celebrity housemates can manage an undisturbed night perhaps they should be given the ‘Sleep Pro’ Award.

By John Redfern

Take a look at our YouTube video for more info.

Snoring News Sleep Doctors and Facilities

Dr. John Tucker has been nominated for Sleep Review’s Best Sleep Doctors & Facilities, Class of 2012.

Sleep Review’s Best Sleep Doctors & Facilities, Class of 2012 is a “prestigious recognition program to recognize the best sleep doctors and facilities that redefine best practices and help others advance in the sleep industry.”

John Tucker, DMD maintains a general practice of dentistry in Erie, PA, and is founder of Erie Dental Sleep Therapy, dedicated to those who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and have been unsuccessful in using CPAP.

He is a keen proponent of oral devices.


“This has become the most rewarding phase of my 33 years of providing dental care for the Erie area.”
Dr. John Tucker

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 23, 2012


Dr. Tucker is one of only about 175 dentists in the United States and Canada that is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the International College of Oral Implantologists and the American Dental Association.
Dr. Tucker has published numerous scientific articles in Dentistry Today, Dental Implantology, and the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. He has lectured to dentists nationally and internationally on the recognition of sleep-breathing disorders and management of obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy.

In his practice, Dr. Tucker uses oral appliances that gently move the lower jaw forward to keep the muscles in the upper airway from collapsing. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recommended Oral Appliances for the management of mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea since 2006.

“This has become the most rewarding phase of my 33 years of providing dental care for the Erie area,” said Dr. Tucker. “Comments such as “Thank you for giving me my life back!’ from Ms. Susan Peters of Erie are a common and appreciated occurrence from my patients.”

By John Redfern

A Review of Anti-Snoring Devices

If you have a real problem with snoring, either your own or that of your partner, it may lead you to research the subject of anti-snoring devices thoroughly and if you do, you’ll find there’s a wild and wonderfully varied list of options with which you can try to cure your snoring problems.

Firstly, there’s something called CPAP, that stands for Continuous Positive Airways Pressure. Who thinks of these wonderful names? This involves a breathing mask to wear through the night that is attached to an electrical pump, forcing air through the collapsed airway to keep it open and so stop the vibration that produces snoring. Not for the faint hearted I fear and they must definitely be medically supervised. This is a serious device.

I had the dubious pleasure of using one of these machines once, not by choice I may say, for about ten days, but I was in the High Dependency Unit of my local hospital’s Intensive Care Department. So, not for me I’m afraid. Just too many associated memories.

There’s also lots of items at the other end of the snoring device spectrum, including a varied collection of sprays, sinus rinses and nasal strips, a wide range of oral hygiene products, and even acupuncture-style finger rings where the pressure on two particular points of the little finger is supposed to help the problem.

There are other some very cheap ways if you want to try them. One device involves a rubber chinstrap that runs with two stretchy bands – one to the back of the neck and the other over the top of the head. I’m not sure I could cope with the pressure marks from that particular item. Scrum down!

Then there is a list of anti-snoring devices that come under the heading MAD. Nothing to do with any crazy products or the popular Mad Men programme about guys on 60’s Madison Avenue – it ‘simply’ stands for Mandibular Advancement Device. Now there’s another phrase that simply rolls off the old tongue – do excuse the pun. It’s almost enough to give you sleepless nights just trying to say it. No wonder they use the initials MAD.

What are these devices? Well it’s best described as a sort of gumshield that performs one simple function; it will hold the lower jaw and tongue forward, making more space to breathe well and consequently prevent snoring.

The figures seem to show that it really works. As well as being a simple, comfortable solution to what can be a nightmare problem, it’s actually medically approved. All in all, it’s probably the cheapest solution that comes with medical recommendation too, at just under £30. I think that’s a very small price to pay for a few peaceful nights – and probably the preservation of an important relationship.

By John Redfern

Sleep Apnoea In The News

I didn’t realize what major problems Sleep Apnoea could present to the average person. Not just a serious snoring problem but with the choice of treatments too.

This week the (Daily) Telegraph printed an article on alternative medical treatments for numerous medical conditions, including Sleep Apnoea, which really spelled it out for me. It dealt more specifically with some of those treatments where there are doubts about their usefulness or even worse, their safety.

The section of the article that covered obstructive sleep apnoea, stated rightly that stentorian snoring and chronic exhaustion were the two main effects and these can have a big impact on lifestyle – even down to the loss of a driving licence sometimes.

Of course, they rightly say, that surgery to the back of the throat is an option but very few people are keen on this – understandably – and therefore opt instead for a CPAP device which involves wearing a face mask device all night through which air is pumped in a steady stream to keep the airways open – the main root of the problem.

The Telegraph referred to some very recent Danish Medical Research on using CPAP as a treatment for Sleep Apnoea and the outcome just astounded me. The Medical Researchers actually tried the CPAP device themselves with the following quotes describing the results being published in the BMJ – The British Medical Journal:

“When it started it blew me up like a balloon.”
“It was very unpleasant and after a while my throat dried out.”
“Wanted to turn it down but I got lost in the 100 page manual.”

This last comment prompted some real scrutiny of the manual for an answer and they were very dismayed to find buried in the text a warning that there was no guarantee that the CPAP device might not be lethal. The Sleep Clinic from where they’d borrowed the device told The researchers that they were not surprised – only two of the 35 patients that had tried it were able to tolerate it for one reason or another. A search on the Internet re-enforced these views thoroughly for me.

So where do we go from here? Sleep Apnoea is a really common problem in our society today. Perhaps it’s down to modern lifestyle.
If you are a serial drinker or smoker, perhaps on medication, obese, or you have suffered damage to your nervous system at some point, you may well suffer from this condition.

When we sleep at night, we need air into the lungs to ensure that the rest of our body functions correctly but if this is blocked in any manner what-so-ever, it will interfere with the natural breathing process between the brain, lungs and heart. A simple mouthpiece, as offered by sleepPro, can help a great deal.

Check it out with your medical or dental surgery because they’ll advise you on the right device to help open the airways. And perhaps some lifestyle advice too!

Sleep Apnoea can be easily treated – and safely too.

By John Redfern

Snoring In The New Years News January 2012

It’s amazing how often Snoring is prominently covered by the Media – and in all sorts of different ways. I’ve almost lost count this week. Where do I start?

I suppose the most obvious was where Michael Masden really upset all the housemates on Celebrity Big Brother 2012 with his incredibly loud snoring live on TV. I nearly had to turn down the volume. I think that little episode hit the front page of every newspaper and magazine in the UK – and a few others I guess.

And let’s not forget the back pages. In the sports section, China’s leading tennis player, Li Na, hit the headlines in Oz. Having made a good comeback to beat Caroline Wozniacki in the Australian Open she said she was playing better than she had in more recent tournaments, having not won much since her first Grand Slam title in France in the Spring. Li’s husband apparently travels with her as her business manager and has given her constant sleepless nights with his incredibly loud snoring. Threatened with divorce – he has headed off in search of a cure. She’s sleeping well in his absence.

In this day and age we obviously have to go viral – we cannot miss out on the internet. One of the biggest stories last week was how a newly born baby reacted – and how – to her father’s snoring. The baby’s face went into a shocked and startled expression, and the smile didn’t return until Dad went quiet. Over 150,00 hits in a week and it’s still going strong.

Some papers also announced that we’re going to have another ‘Stop Snoring Week’ in 2012 because the last few have been so successful.

It’s April 23rd-27th if you want to make a note.

Mostly it was the ‘Redtops’ that covered this story. Why? Well, a survey of almost 2000 respondents found out (yet again) that snoring is causing damage to lots of relationships across the UK; 75% of UK couples are spending nights in separate rooms at some time or other, causing embarrassment and distance between partners.

So it’s not just bad for your health, snoring is bad for your relationships too. The Media in fact have managed to blame a whole list of things on snoring recently; spoiled holidays, missed flights, marriage break-ups, failed sexual relationships and a great deal more too.

Maybe snoring’s not so funny after all.

By John Redfern