Stop Snoring with SleepPro

SleepPro is a British company and produces a full and extensive range of products to solve all types of snoring problems, and has done since 1998. Although we successfully market our products worldwide, our Laboratories and Production facilities are all in the UK.

All our products are made to the highest standards and they conform to strict regulations. They are all BPA and Latex Free, are medically tested, and are NHS Approved; in fact many UK Hospitals and Specialist Clinics buy SleepPro products for patients who have snoring problems or suffer from other sleep disorders.

The leading UK NHS Hospital for Sleep Disorders, and world famous for its work, has fully tested SleepPro products and recommends them in their published findings in The Lancet as the No.1 solution for anyone who snores heavily or suffers from mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

Check out the wide range of quality products that SleepPro offers to find the effective snoring solution that suits your needs best.


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  • NHS Approved in the UK
  • Medically recommended throughout the world
  • 98% Satisfaction Rating
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Much lower prices than appliances from a Dentist
  • Full advisory support includes FAQ guidance, videos and news
  • Improves sleep and health
  • Designed and Made in Britain

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