Many times cheaper than comparable quality products

Medically Approved Device Recommended by health professionals worldwide

98% Satisfaction Rating

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

SleepPro ™ Stop Snoring Devices

If you or your partner’s snoring is preventing you from getting a good nights sleep, look no further than SleepPro’s Stop Snoring Devices. We offer a quick and easy way to stop snoring instantly. Wearing a SleepPro mouth-piece when you sleep opens the upper airway and immediately stops the cause of snoring. It is not painful or uncomfortable in any way, as it is moulded to the shape of each individual’s mouth so that it does not disrupt your sleep and is one of only 3 clinically tested and approved stop snoring methods.

SleepPro have been offering cost effective stop snoring devices (and mild to moderate sleep apnea) solutions since 1998. We are continually developing and expanding our product range so that we may offer you an affordable stop snoring devices with a very high success rate and level of comfort. We are proud to say we have helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve a peaceful nights sleep, with a 98% success rate. Other sites do offer similar products, but none offer a more competitive product than ours with our combined pricing and impressive results of 98% reported success.

This comfortable, cost effective stop snoring device can ensure you the best night’s sleep you’ve had in ages!

The SleepPro is a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) which can completely eliminate disruption to yourself or your partner during sleep. You will be able to breathe easier, sleep better and never have to worry about snoring again. Wear it while you sleep, and the snoring device pushes you jaw forward slightly which will open up your airways (stretching the palate), which ceases vibration for easy breathing and a peaceful sleep.

The SleepPro (standard) stop snoring device works via a very simple ‘boil and bite’ technology. Heat up the snoring device in water for a few minutes and then whilst protruding your lower jaw slightly, bite down on the device and hold it in place. Whilst the SleepPro mouthpiece cools and hardens it moulds around the shape of your mouth for a comfortable fit. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary i.e. If the snoring device is uncomfortable, is falling out during sleep or has become out of shape and not working as effectively.

Cheaper than similar snoring aids offered by dentists

This low cost instant solution is a simple stop snoring device to help aid your sleep and stop your snoring. Within seconds of falling asleep the device will begin to work by either completely ceasing or significantly reducing your snoring. Many dentists and doctors will offer similar treatments, but charge up to 10 – 40 times more for the same service. Plus, our money-back guarantee means if you’re not completely satisfied with your SleepPro, you don’t pay anything!*

This SleepPro snoring device is one of only three medically proven and recommended solutions to control or eliminate snoring. The first is via surgery, usually involving removal of the uvula. A great deal of pain is experienced post operation, and there is not even a 100% guarantee of success. The second option is a CPAP (continual positive airway pressure) machine, which is heavy piece of breathing apparatus where constant air pressure is applied to keep airways open via a breathing mask over the face. The SleepPro snoring device is by far the least invasive solution, with similar success rates. So if you’ve decided that you want to improve the quality of your sleep without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle, choose SleepPro.

Money-back guarantee*

The sleepPro snoring aid completely stops snoring for almost everyone with a success rate of 98%. However, if it does not work for you, we offer a money back guarantee service. If you simply return any of one of our SleepPro standard Stop Snoring Devices within 30 days of the purchase, we will present you with a complete refund.

*See T’s and C’s

SleepPro Easifit

Inc free postage
  • Highly effective
  • 10 - 40 times cheaper
    than dentally fitted devices
  • Easy to fit and adjustable
    for comfort
  • Boil and bite technology

SleepPro Custom

VAT & Postage Included
  • A custom-fitted mouthpiece
  • 50% cheaper than
  • Highly effective in dealing
    with snoring or mild to moderate sleep apnoea
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Perfectly formed to fit you exactly

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